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  • Apr 23, 2006
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  • I'm a Mac guy who used to be an anti-Microsoft guy, but have changed my tune over the last month or so. From reading a good amount of blog posts by Microsoft employees, I feel Microsoft, like any company is ultimately people brought together to do a job. People with families and hobbies... not people who go home everyday from actively working to destroy all that is good and true in the world to dissect live kittens. Based on what I've read (I'm no software engineer, and I'm definitely no tech insider) I feel like Vista has to be the last version of Windows... at least Windows as we know it. These are smart people who love what they do, and with the right leadership, could deliver an all new, powerful, but nimble OS that looks forward and not back. Use virtualization for backward compatability... don't pull to whole OS down with it. Create some brilliant technology for making increasingly popular web apps fly... but make it work with open standards not just your stuff. Take a cue from Apple and "Think Different" about your products... just don't forget the people who have to use them.