March 15, 1998: Before the Apple Store There Was…

by Chris Seibold Mar 15, 2011

By now anyone who lives in a semi major metropolitan area has an actual Apple store where they can go and bug the geniuses, try out the products, and basically enjoy the Apple feel throughout the store.

This wasn't always the case. At one time Apple lacked a decent retail distribution system. Sure, you could buy a Mac at Sears or Best Buy but the machines were badly presented and horribly maintained. Apple's network of dedicated retailers was also on the decline, and not many people wanted to visit the niche retailers, preferring the discounts offered by major retailers.

Apple’s response to the change in consumer tastes? The "Apple Store within a Store." The concept was simple: CompUSA would provide a small area devoted specifically to Apple computers. This area would later feature an actual Apple employee. The program proved successful and the "Apple Store within a Store" concept is still alive today. The concept that paved the way for Apple employees inside CompUSA began this week in 1998.


  • My CompUSA used to have a horrible Apple department. The computers were the old models, dirty, etc. It’s only slightly better now. There’s an Apple store in the same mall. Guess where I go.

    Kristen had this to say on Mar 15, 2006 Posts: 9
  • CompUSA is closer to me than the Apple Store, and they have a very knowledgeable Apple person there most of the time, but there’s something about going to an actual Apple store; it’s like going on a pilgrimage or something to that effect.  I usually pick the longer drive to the Apple store, just for the experience.


    Jim Caruthers had this to say on Mar 15, 2006 Posts: 13
  • There were other stores specializing in Macs.  In fact there’s one a couple of miles from my main Apple Store.  And other PC/Mac stores even closer.

    Most of these aren’t chain stores.

    Howard Brazee had this to say on Mar 16, 2010 Posts: 54
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