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  • Nov 07, 2006
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  • The CompUSA in the Palisades Mall in West Nyack, NY still has a subpar Mac section. It's slightly better than it used to be (hey, at least they have current models in now). But the computers are often dirty, turned off, broken, etc. You'd think they'd make more of an effort since there's an Apple store downstairs.
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    November 4, 1997: Store Within a Store Program Begins
  • I would definately buy a new iPod to get a free Mini. Then I'd sell the iPod on eBay and keep the Mini. As it is, I may buy a new MacBook and get the free Nano and sell that on eBay to help pay for the MacBook (along with selling my iBook).
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    Free Mac with Each iPod Sold
  • I have to start off my saying that I am both a huge Apple fan and a huge Disney fan (I am leaving for my 21st trip to Disney World on Friday). I think Disney needs some guidance; they need someone like Walt. The number of people still with the company who worked with Walt is dwindling. They are the last few who can try and make them do things the way Walt would've wanted. Once they're gone, who knows? They need someone with the vision and determination of Walt, someone with a genuine love for the company, someone who can make the company flourish. I have no doubt that Steve has the genius to improve the company in general. I just wonder if he has the pixie dust to restore the parks to their glory. I have seen a steady decline in the quality of the parks over the years. Years ago, bathrooms were immaculate, paint wasn't chipping, the sidewalk wasn't dirty, and new rides & shows had some real vision. This is no longer the case. We're now getting ride clones everywhere (Soarin' from DCA to Epcot, Tower of Terror from MGM to DCA), the closures of some really entertaining shows in favour of more cloned crap (The Timekeeper at the MK is now closed, with rumours of either a Toy Story or Monsters Inc ride taking its place), and the threat of closure for the classics (Carousel of Progress). Bathrooms are filthy and the paint is chipping off buildings. "a wildlife perserve" If you are referring to Discovery Island in the middle of Bay Lake, it's now closed and the animals have been relocated to the Animal Kingdom. River Country, the water park on Bay Lake, is also closed. It sits there, unkempt, leaving guests to wonder what happened.
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    Steve Jobs Should Quit Apple and Head Disney
  • it fits in my purse.
  • My CompUSA used to have a horrible Apple department. The computers were the old models, dirty, etc. It's only slightly better now. There's an Apple store in the same mall. Guess where I go.
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    March 15, 1998: Before the Apple Store There Was…
  • I was at Target the other day looking for a remote for my iPod (the Griffin one) when I overheard a couple of ladies asking the salesperson about the iPod and accessories for it. They mentioned something about cases and I couldn't help but cut-in and mention how many third party cases are available for the iPod and that they'd have no problem finding accessories on the internet. The salesperson walked away. I left the aisle and returned a few minutes later and the ladies were still there. They asked me a whole bunch of questions about the iPod, third party accessories, etc. They explained that the person they were buying it for is disabled and they were unsure if the iPod would be a good option for her. I took out my iPod and let them play with it and they determined that she'd be able to use it. I told them about getting a dock, remote, and hooking the iPod up to her existing stereo. I told them about They thanked me profusely and told me that I should work for Apple. They walked out with an iPod. Target should be paying me for this.
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    The Customer is Always Bright
  • Hadley, the idea that Steve wants me to use it compels me as well. I have the same feelings with certain Disney things; well, Walt would've wanted me to ride this, watch this, go here, etc. I think I have too much loyalty to the companies I love.
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    Back on Safari
  • Firefox is better than Internet Explorer, but I don't see how it's as wonderful as everyone says. I like Safari just fine. But maybe I'm just an Apple purist and like to use the Apple apps whenever possible. :)
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    Back on Safari
  • When I was shopping around for my iPod (10gb 3G), I went to Radio Shack. The salesperson claimed to know nothing of a Windows iPod and that if there was in fact such a thing that it would cost more than the Mac iPod. Mhmm. I let my dad talk to him and kept my mouth shut because I didn't feel like arguing with the guy. He had no idea that the iPod worked on both Windows and Mac, and showed us an array of crappy mp3 players. I ended up getting my iPod at Best Buy, where there are actually quite a few Mac geeks working. I wonder if Radio Shack has found out yet that the iPod works on Windows. As a side note, I now have an iBook, so no more Windows problems.
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    The Costco Effect