May 7, 2001: Henrico Public Schools Go Mac

by Chris Seibold May 07, 2011

From the Apple I to the current day, Apple has publicly maintained a deep commitment to education. The commitment paid off when Apple announced a mammoth order it had landed for iBooks.

Henrico County Public School System agreed to buy 23,000 of the G3 powered white beauties in order to equip every student and teacher with wirelessly enabled Macs. The program went well by most accounts but the real action started when Henrico County decided not to renew Apple's massive contract. When Henrico began switching to Dells, the school system decided to unload the iBooks for the paltry sum of $50 each. The demand was high and led to a riot as Henrico residents went to battle for a chance to buy one of the sweetly priced iBooks .

The deal that gave students a chance at wireless learning, put a Mac in the hands of 23,000 Henrico citizens, and eventually led to a computer riot was announced this week in 2001.


  • Wouldn’t be a riot if the computers were Dell’s wink

    wackybit had this to say on May 07, 2006 Posts: 16
  • On the contrary, just about any wireless-equipped notebook sold for $50 would have caused a riot in 2001, when the majority of us were running desktops.

    cwa107 had this to say on May 07, 2009 Posts: 15
  • I still run desktops, they offer more power and storage for less money. I never need to do work on the road and rarely need information while I’m out. For those rare occasions an iPhone would be perfect if the data plans weren’t so expensive.

    Bregalad had this to say on May 07, 2009 Posts: 14
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