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  • The slogan at that event was "Hell has frozen over" And they gave out posters about it, and Steve said it would become collectibles some day. I'm not seeing any of those posters on ebay
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    October 27, 2003: iTunes for Windows
  • I watched the event, Bill was quite girly and gay.........
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    August 7, 1997: Bill Gates Appears at MacWorld
  • Hey robotech infidel, you forgot one thing about the iMac: the graphics is not X1600, it's the Intel GMA950 with 64MB of VRAM, so I think the "normal" iMac is actually cheaper considering all those things you get (160GB, X1600, Super Drive) for just 400 more
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    2006 Predictions Revisited
  • You guys gotta watch this hilarious parody of the switcher campaign! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVwbhsqEyNI
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    June 11, 2002: Switcher Campaign Begins Airing
  • "While the specs seem might laughable today the computer was in high demand at the time. Users who could afford the $4,160 price tag began snatching up the 180c on June 7, 1993." I thin there's a typo in the last paragraph: "While the specs *might seem* laughable today the..."
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    June 7, 1993: Apple Introduces the PowerBook 180c
  • It seems that I've switched the most people to the Mac platform compared to you guys. I switched over 20+ people in the period of a few months! And more and more of my friends are becoming interested in the Mac community. The reason for this mass switching is because I'm going to be a junior next year, and my school require juniors to have their own laptop computer. So my friends came to me, knowing that I know a lot about computers. And lemme tell you something, my friends are ignorant about Macs, they criticize the platform even when they know nothing about it! You know, Mac market share isn't much in Asia because of this. So my friends came to me even though they know that I'm a Mac user (or cultist) asking for laptop recommendations. So waddaya think I'm gonna say? Get the MacBook Pro or a MacBook! I gave them the spec sheets and the prices. Some of my friends like the design of the computers, MOST of them like the fact that they get to boot Windows. But for me, Boot Camp wasn't the bomb, and I didn't expect it to be either. Some of my friends even suggested that they'd rather buy a much more expensive laptop (but with the same specs) that runs ONLY windows! Some of my friends are just not convinced. Some of my friends are very convinced but their parents won't buy it for them since they don't understand the Mac platform and think that it's useless. So I decided to show them the ultimate side of the Mac: creativity! So I showed them the super cool apps that are available on the Mac. MacSaber, the app that turns your MacBook (Pro) into a Jedi lightsaber. I showed them iAlertU, the anti theft app. I showed them what Parallels and VirtueDesktops can do when put together. They were stunned by the fact that they can use several OSes at the same time, and pressing 'Ctrl + Shift + arrow keys' seamlessly switches between them. My friends were beyond words! And now the word is spreading faster than ever around campus. More friends come to me everyday for laptop advice. I've now counted to over twenty, and the number is rising fast. So I think it's not just Boot Camp that switched most people over to the Mac. It's both Boot Camp and the cool apps that are available only on the Mac. If I showed my friends the cool apps but didn't tell them about Boot Camp, then they'd still be using Windows, and vice versa.
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    Is Windows On a Mac Really Drawing in New Users?
  • ....think it's not a bad move after all!
  • Oh! Then this means the Fifth Avenue Store opens at the fifth anniversary of Apple Stores! FIFTH Avenue - FIFTH Anniversary!
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    May 20, 2001: The Apple Store Is One Day Old
  • "The Wall Street Journal reported that revenue from Apple’s stores was $235 billion in fiscal year 2005, or 17 percent of Apple’s total sales, up from $621 million in fiscal year 2003." I think the 'billion' is a typo, should be million?
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    Apple's First 24-hour Store Opens Tonight
  • He probably knows something we don't.....for sure
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    Walt Mossberg Says Phone and Media Center Are Coming
  • Wouldn't be a riot if the computers were Dell's ;)
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    May 7, 2001: Henrico Public Schools Go Mac
  • Run this program, or VirtueDesktops, and also Parallels. Then you have a computer that runs several OSes full screen at a time, and you can switch between them with just a keyboard combination!
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    Review: Desktop Manager
  • I'm sorry, I misunderstood :)
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    May 1, 2001: IceBook Introduced!
  • Luke Mildenhall-Ward, you seriously need to stop blaming other people for your own mistakes. You misunderstood and thought this article is an announcement. Since when did this website have announcements? They didn't have an article at all saying the MacBook Pro 17" is out. You're the one who misunderstood and forgot the main purpose of this website, you're the B*^&#!
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    May 1, 2001: IceBook Introduced!
  • I wouldn't buy a single song from iTunes because an album costs $10 or more. If I buy a physical copy, I also pay $10. So why should I pay the same amount to get 128kbps audio when I can get lossless audio? Or I can choose I rip into whatever quality I want! This may be different from other people who wants only a song which they like from an album, I'm the type that wants the whole album even though there might be some tracks I will never listen to.
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    April 28, 2003: iTunes Becomes a Revenue Stream