May 1, 2001: IceBook Introduced!

by Chris Seibold May 01, 2011

The original iBook was a tough, heavy, portable designed specifically for students. The machine sported a G3 chip, AirPort functionality and a handle for carrying ease. Unfortunately, many people found the case styling, colors and overall size a bit on the lame side of the design spectrum. The computer evoked comparisons to everything from the Hello Kitty lunchboxes to translucent toilet seats.

Apple addressed the objections with a completely redesigned iBook. Gone were the sweeping curves and colors and in came a styling more reminiscent of the Titanium PowerBook than the iBook’s immediate predecessor. The machine was all white, much smaller and housed a 500 MHz G3 and a 10 GB hard drive. Gone also was the handle for carrying and the weight that necessitated the now superfluous handle. The new iBook weighed in at 1.7 pounds less than the previous iteration. What remained was the iBook's legendary toughness; even with a smaller form factor the iBook would stand up to a lot of abuse.

Apple's answer to the perceived inadequacies of the original iBook was introduced 0n May 1, of 2001, starting at a mere $1,299.


  • The true dealbreaker with the original iBook was the small screen that only had 800x600 resolution. Ridiculous. Like dumbed down eMate with a weight problem.

    Bad Beaver had this to say on May 01, 2006 Posts: 371
  • I have one of the “original iBooks” (actually the second gen FireWire/DVD-ROM edition) and the screen resolution on it is 1024x768.

    soft_guy had this to say on May 01, 2006 Posts: 21
  • Bad Beaver is correct, the 1024X768 resolution didn’t show up until Apple introduced the “icebook.” The fruity color iBooks all had the 800X600 display.

    chrisseibold had this to say on May 01, 2006 Posts: 48
  • I still remember the moment I couldn’t take the original original ibooks seriously, and that is when someone said, “Hey, that looks like a toliet seat.” From then on I could never take that machine seriously, although I’ve always wanted an orange one?

    Anyone out there have an old one they want to donate to my collection smile

    Hadley Stern had this to say on May 01, 2006 Posts: 114
  • You’re such a bitch, Seibold. I come onto Applematters after a few days and see right there, staring at me in the eyes, “IceBook Introduced!” - “OMFG! this is the new iBook isn’t it?! OMG.. it’s called IceBook instead of MacBook, that makes so much sense… *clicks on link to article, thoughts are running through mind*

    *sighs* - (should’ve looked at the date)
    You can’t <i>DO THAT<i>, Chris. You can’t make up names for an iBook at this time of the year; you know what’s gonna happen.
    Either that or I’m the only one who’s never heard it referred to as ‘IceBook’. smile

    Luke Mildenhall-Ward had this to say on May 01, 2006 Posts: 299
  • Luke Mildenhall-Ward, you seriously need to stop blaming other people for your own mistakes. You misunderstood and thought this article is an announcement. Since when did this website have announcements? They didn’t have an article at all saying the MacBook Pro 17” is out. You’re the one who misunderstood and forgot the main purpose of this website, you’re the B*^&#!

    wackybit had this to say on May 03, 2006 Posts: 16
  • Wackbit, I’m pretty sure Luke was just being playful. And Apple Matters often posts press releases as soon as they are sent out from Apple.

    Hadley Stern had this to say on May 03, 2006 Posts: 114
  • Ah, yeah, Hadley’s correct about the intentions of my comment, wackybit. I apologize to appear like an a**hole on first appearance :D

    That Chris just gets on my nerves raspberry (just kidding)

    Luke Mildenhall-Ward had this to say on May 03, 2006 Posts: 299
  • I’m sorry, I misunderstood smile

    wackybit had this to say on May 04, 2006 Posts: 16
  • I still have a Dual USB iBook, aka “icebook” in server service 24/7.

    gwschreyer had this to say on May 01, 2010 Posts: 23
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