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  • >The problem: at 1366x768 pixels, the resolution is excellent, but the buttons, menu items, and icons are all way too small. Even with my glasses on, I can barely read what’s on the screen. Leopard supports a thing called resolution independent UI that is meant specifically to address this.
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    What's Next for Apple: OS 11
  • I think Apple's main mistake in the mid 80s was allowing Steve Jobs to leave. When he left, the company was seemingly in bad shape. However, less than two years later they were on top again because of desktop publishing. This was an initiative that Jobs spearheaded. It just took time for it to bear fruit. Apple's current success is due to a lot of synergy between products they have been making for the past ten years. By letting Jobs go, they became adrift and stopped having his vision to invest in technology development that will come together in the future.
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    Why Apple Can't Afford A Mistake...
  • Question: What are the feature differences between Basic, Premium, and Ultimate. If there are actual feature differences between these, do developers have to change their applications to take advantage of these features? Which version should developers try to target?
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    Vista Helping OS X
  • The article says that Microsoft doesn't quit - it wins. Sometimes, maybe. But I'm recalling when Microsoft decided they wanted to put Intuit out of business with Microsoft Money. They failed. The thing is that people remember Microsoft's successes and forget their failures. With regard to Universal, my money is on Steve Jobs to prevail in any negotiations that happen.
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    Is Microsoft counting on Steve Jobs' Obstinance?
  • With regards to separating the Mac hardware and OS X: If you hate Microsoft, you shouldn't wish for Apple to become Microsoft. If you love Microsoft, shut up and use Windows. Either way, I can't imagine why anyone would want Apple to separate the OS and the hardware.
  • I think this article should be recalled.
  • I have to disagree with you regarding the warning on Quit when there are multiple tabs open. Personally, I find this feature of FireFox extremely irritating and it is one of the reasons I prefer Safari. So, if Apple does add this feature, I hope they will add a preference item to disable it.
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    Give Safari a Hand
  • Before these came out, I had a PowerBook, but when I saw how bad my friend's 5300 was, I stayed away from Apple's laptops until the iBook DV (a very good laptop).
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    August 25, PowerBook 5300 Introduced
  • The right way to do these features is often to hire the guy who wrote the third party extension and acquire his product, roll it into the OS. Apple often does this. For example, Window Shade started out as an extention for System 6(?) and was then rolled into MacOS at a later time - they hired the guy who wrote it. If the idea is obvious - like virtual desktops - then there is probably less of a need to do this.
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    Do You Want Fries with that OS X?
  • Describe the internet? The description sounds like iTunes.
  • Regarding Woz's contributions to the Mac, I recently learned that Woz invented ADB - the connector that used to be used to attach mice and keyboards to Mac systems up until the iMac was shipped and it was replaced with USB. While ADB was originally deployed with the Apple II line, I'd say it was an important enough contribution to the Mac to be far more than "atta boy".
  • The wikipedia article says the Apple II was introduced in 1977 at the West Coast Computer Faire, not in 1979. Is there a mistake?
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    June 5, 1977: Apple Introduces Apple II
  • Uh, the article here describes the problem of "disk swapper's elbow" as not being "an example of incredibly bad programming". This might lead some to think that the problem was not caused by a coding error. While I wouldn't go so far as to say it was "incredibly bad programming" Andy Hertzfeld's story about it on clearly describes it as a bug.
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    May 3, 1984: Mac System 1.1 Released
  • I have one of the "original iBooks" (actually the second gen FireWire/DVD-ROM edition) and the screen resolution on it is 1024x768.
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    May 1, 2001: IceBook Introduced!
  • Having read many sets of Human Interface Guidelines (Mac, Newton, OS/2, Windows 95, and others.) I have to say that Apple consistantly does a very good job at conveying the spirit of what they are trying to accomplish to the reader. For example, the Newton interface guidelines did a great job of explaining why things are laid out the way they are on the Newton. Buttons are on the bottom of the screen, input areas are in the middle, and status areas are at the top. This allow the user to write without obscuring status items, and click buttons that take action without obscuring the writing or the status items. The Mac has reasons why it is the way it is that are very powerful, backed up by research, and they do a great job in calling out what the spirit of the OS is. Sadly, Microsoft does not do this as well. Don't believe? Read both sets of HIGs.
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    Human Interface Guidelines: The Mac Zealots' Con?