November 26, 1993: Apple II Finally Discontinued

by Chris Seibold Nov 26, 2010

Apple's most successful computer wasn't a Mac, wasn't even a mouse-based machine. It was the Apple II.

The Apple II was designed by Woz because he simply wanted a better machine than the Apple I. Once the design was complete, the two Steves knew they were onto something and the promise of the Apple II lured in fellow founder Mike Markkula.

Thus Apple was born. With finances in place, Apple could produce the Apple II in quantities that the populace demanded, and the quantities were staggering. Over 5 million of the VisiCalc running, Oregon Trail playing machines were produced before Apple, with no fanfare, dropped the machine (16 years after its introduction) this month in 1993.


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    Steven Weyhrich <IX0YE>—<
    Apple II History

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  • Apple II Forever!  Or at least for a very long time, compared to other computers.

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