Power Mac G5

by Dierdre Malfato (Solspace) Jun 30, 2003


  • The Power Mac G5 is Apple’s marketing name for models of the Power Macintosh that contains the IBM PowerPC G5 CPU. The professional-grade computer was the most powerful in Apple’s lineup when it was introduced, widely hailed as the first 64-bit PC, and was touted by Apple as the fastest personal computer ever built. Though, same with other versions Power Mac G5 has its own problems which on this case it has electronic audio interference problems. GAR Labs

    chesterfoster had this to say on Aug 21, 2011 Posts: 27
  • It was nice to remind me about this version, it is already forgotten and I don’t know if many people still have one like this on their homes. Masini de inchiriat

    selena had this to say on Oct 27, 2011 Posts: 35
  • Alpina had this to say on Nov 21, 2011 Posts: 154
  • Apple’s product is too expensive yet in good quality which I prefer most. Apple is a known company and knowing more about the history of their developments with their products sounds so interesting to me. Virility EX

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