Apple Matters’ Reader Profile: Beeblebrox

by Meiera Stern May 22, 2006

One of the best things about the Web is the give and take between writers and their readers. No other form of communication in human history has allowed such dynamic, written conversation. Apple Matters is blessed with such readers who are active participants in our site’s content. In tribute to these readers who raise their voices with us in toasting or roasting Apple, we have decided to interview some of the most vocal. So ladies and gentlemen, we bring you Beeblebrox, who as of today, May 22, 2006 has 684 comments to his name.

Thank you, Beeblebrox for taking the time to be an integral part of our site, and for answering all these questions so our readers can know more about you.

Your username on the site, Beeblebrox, what does it mean? And how did you pick it?

I had just read The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy and decided to use the character Zaphod Beeblebrox as my handle.  This was before the movie came out so you had to have read the books to know what it meant, although it was still sufficiently common that a Google search wouldn’t identify me specifically.  I like a degree of anonymity online.

How old are you?

I’m 34 years young.

Where do you live?

Los Angeles, California.

What do you do for a living?

I write, produce and direct movies and TV.  I just produced a pilot for a reality TV show that will be finished at the end of June. Also I’m currently in post on a feature film I directed this winter that will be done by end of summer. And I’m actually speaking to you right now from Amsterdam, New York, where I’m shooting a film for a friend of mine.

Do you have a favorite film and TV genre?

Not really a favorite genre.  I just like good solid entertainment. Right now, that’s mostly in TV.  In the hour-drama category, I love 24 and Lost. The only sitcoms I really like, however, are on cable. I’m a big fan of Entourage, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Extras.

How do you use Apple products in your life? And how long have you been a Mac user?

I started out on a beige G3 Mac with OS9 that was a less than satisfying experience, as I’ve discussed on the Apple Matters forums. I also worked with them when I was at Disney, and it was maddening. I have two Macs now: a Mac mini and a brand spanking new iMac Core Duo. I’m a much more satisfied Mac user these days.  As of this interview, I haven’t had a chance to use my iMac yet because I’m in New York, but I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

My other Apple product is a 60GB video iPod.  It’s fabulous, but I’m sure you already knew that.  It’s great, but my big surprise is how much I get to use it for my work. I can screen various movies or songs for clients and producers I’m working with.

What brought you to the Mac G3, and since you weren’t that thrilled with it, what kept you in the Mac fold?

I wasn’t kept in the fold so much as I returned to it. OS X and Final Cut Pro brought me back and I’m glad to be here.

What kind of headphones do you use with your iPod?

I use regular earbuds most of the time, but I use noise-cancelling headphones on airplanes.

Any favorite applications or tools?

Final Cut Pro is at the top, no question about it.  The best editing program I’ve ever used, bar none.  And I couldn’t be happier that Comiclife is now included for free with every new Mac.

What do you enjoy about Apple Matters?

You can be a fan here without having to drink the kool-aid.  It is, after all, an “irreverent” look at Apple, so I appreciate that.

Do you have a favorite topic or writer on the site?

I’d hate to name names, but I do like the two Chris’s, Hadley of course, and my anti-persona James R. Stoup.

Do you have a favorite article on the site?

I enjoy most of them to some extent.  Some more than others, but I can’t really think of a favorite.  The ones I tend to be drawn to, however, are the ones that I know will get the Mac fanatic panties all in a bunch.  That would be articles that either a) don’t adequately trash Microsoft or b) that don’t adequately worship Apple products or Steve Jobs.

Do you have any ideas how we could improve the site?

I love the site. The one thing I would change is combining the article comments with the forum.  I think the comment section actually takes away attention and traffic from the forum. You forget it’s there. They feel like two seperate sites.

What other sites do you enjoy reading?

Among Apple sites, I like BYODKM and MacInTouch.  Beyond that, I’m mostly on movie fan sites, since that’s my big passion.

Do you have your own web site or blog?

I have a website I share with my brother as well as my own personal blog, which I update sporadically.

What drives you nuts about Apple users?

Uh, yeah, the Mac fanatics, for reasons too numerous to name. The bottom line is I think they do more harm than good to the Mac as a product.

If you could change one thing about the world what would it be and why? And could a Mac help?

We’d all speak one language (I don’t care which one).  I think many of the problems we have in the world are associated with language and cultural barriers and misunderstandings.

I don’t know how a Mac would help make that change, but I’m open to suggestions.

Does Apple Matter?

Of course. The site and the company.

If you’d like to be profiled for the site please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)




  • That was something different, fun and interesting to read.  I assume that’s our top poster in the entry image, right?  Not some random guy I hope.  Adorable baby, what’s his/her name?

    Aaron Wright had this to say on May 22, 2006 Posts: 104
  • Hi Aaron,

    Yes, that’s Beeblebrox with his new daughter!

    Meiera Stern had this to say on May 22, 2006 Posts: 12
  • This is fantastic- I’ve always wanted to know the two-headed galactic ruler behind that innocuous screen name!

    Devanshu Mehta had this to say on May 22, 2006 Posts: 108
  • Great new feature.

    For some reason I always imagined Beeblebrox as some middle-aged curmudgeon with a perma-frown. Or did recent fatherhood soften him? wink

    breuklen had this to say on May 22, 2006 Posts: 31
  • Excellent feature - keep it up!

    I second BB’s comment about incorporating the comments into the forums as well. Great idea.

    motherduce had this to say on May 22, 2006 Posts: 17
  • There’s a forum on here?!

    Benji had this to say on May 22, 2006 Posts: 927
  • It’s good to meet Beeb. For some reason I did expect him to be younger. I hope fatherhood doesn’t mellow him.

    Although sometimes Beeb can be as single-minded as the rest of us, I have the utmost respect for him as he keeps me honest. When I write there’s a little Beeb voice in my head asking “Is that objective or one-eyed?” I’m a better writer for it.

    Chris Howard had this to say on May 23, 2006 Posts: 1209
  • Ah ha, now I can finally see the face of my arch-nemesis.

    James R. Stoup had this to say on May 24, 2006 Posts: 122
  • How about apple matters *writers’* profiles?

    Benji had this to say on May 26, 2006 Posts: 927
  • Ben, there are some AM writer’s profiles, although no mugshots. Click on the article’s author name.

    And James, don’t let his loving “Daddy” look lull you into a false sense of security. It’s a trap!  I’m sure if you go saying the Mac is the best thing since sliced bread, Beeb will still toast your bread.

    Chris Howard had this to say on May 30, 2006 Posts: 1209
  • Hey beeb, nice interview, too bad the internet prohibits anonymity. Seriously, as horrible as it sounds I would make a great stalker. Btw: you forgot to list your myspace. smile

    Frozonecold had this to say on Aug 15, 2006 Posts: 32
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