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  • I still haven't gotten my hands on a demo, but I'd buy one of these instead of an iPhone in a heartbeat. I'm not into phones, but I am into email and light writing/editing. I thought my MacBook would accompany me often. But even a small laptop becomes cumbersome. I imagine an iPad would be much better for my daily use and jotting down inspired work w/o all the hassle of booting up that a laptop takes. Of course, I'll probably wind up waiting on version 2 to see all the kinks worked out. By then I suspect additional hardware and software and a slight price drop.
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    Apple iPad: Initial Reactions
  • Pure and simple: Apple loves spoilage. Any corp. wants gift cards to be forgotten or lost and all that money to remain in their coffers. You can simply buy Apple gift cards up to $2500 if you want to give the gift of Apple hardware/software. Same with the iPhone: iPhone gift cards are available as well.
  • I can't believe I won! Of course, there weren't that many entries. I also couldn't believe that the iPod Touch didn't receive a camera like the Nano. Days later, I understand Apple's move. I don't agree with, nor like it, but I understand it. And I doubt glitches are the reason. Jobs, et al simply want to differentiate the iPod lineup while not cannibalizing iPhone sales. A Touch with a camera would get many to forget about the iPhone.
  • 1. Cameras for the iPod Touch & Nano: the former gets video (a la iPhone), while the latter only a still. Slight price drop to stay price competitive with the upcoming Zune HD. 2. iPod Classic remains alive. Usual storage bump and modest price drop. 3. iPod Shuffle gets another redesign (to placate all the whiners that don't like the super simple current design). 4. iTunes 9 available immediately/soon with Social Networking tools finally available. Also Cocktail debuts. And while the Beatles 2nd remastering is available, no mention at the event beyond the availability on iTMS and others. 5. No Steve Jobs keynote.
  • I'm buying an iPod Classic for the storage (for work related projects *wink*) and a iPod Shuffle because I don't need to watch videos or photos and rarely even look at my current 3G iPod that is slowly dying. Apple would be crazy to drop it, but that's what I said about the rumors regarding the death of the iPod Mini. *sigh*
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    The iPod Shuffle Will Die in 2007
  • BTW, why did you find it necessary to include Jessica's direct mail address? You wouldn't want someone to mail her nasty mail, now would you? I see you didn't include your own address/info.
  • Sorry James, but you're wasting your time. Return the damn fan to Target. Get a refund AND/or a new fan. It's Target's problem, not yours. I'm a former Customer Service Manager and I can tell you that many resellers receive bad product due to poor handling. Either from shippers or careless S/R personnel. We simply refunded the customer, occasionally gave them a free or reduced price unit and were done with the problem. Whatever it takes to make the customer happy.
  • As bad ass Bush is, he could not have accomplished any of his misdeeds without the cretins in Congress supporting his efforts at every step. Including several Dems. Maybe I'm hopelessly naive, but I don't think there should be term limits for any office. Of course, I'd change so many other rules to make sure incompetents, er, incumbents didn't take advantage of their offices. Again, hopelessly naive probably because it will never, ever happen in my lifetime. And the voters are responsible (for the most part).
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    Murthra vs Ethiczilla
  • Well, that's where I disagree. There shouldn't be term limits for any office, especially the Presidency. The fact that one branch has a limit not imposed on the other branches doesn't change my opinion. Of course, I suspect (know) that I am in the minority. Part of the problem is that incumbents stack the odds in their favor, ruining it for good pols. Ultimately, it's the job of voters to be informed and dedicated to preserving the integrity of elections. A tall order, but again, their responsibility.
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    Murthra vs Ethiczilla
  • We already have term limits in the form of elections. Of course, we need to level the playing field for competitors, but still, I think voters should be the deciding factor in terms of er, terms.
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    Murthra vs Ethiczilla
  • "Running against each other is the worst news possible for both candidates." And a good scenario for a "moderate" Dem (Hey Hillary! Yawn.) to run against.
  • Y'know, I forgot about the 1 Independent. Probably because it's likely to almost always to be a vote with the Dems.
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    Election Predictions! (win a Prize!)
  • I think the Dems finally have voters behind them; but in a real shocker, they'll have greater gains in the Senate than the House: House: 236 Democrats, 199 Republicans Senate: 51 Democrats, 49 Republicans I would have gone with 52 seats, but I'm sure Ford will lose in Tenn. The House should be closer to 240, but I bet some seats will swing due to "voting/electronic irregularities."
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    Election Predictions! (win a Prize!)
  • This whole episode proves once again that the Dems are a bunch of wusses. It also disproves the liberal media label that wingnuts likes to sprout about. Anyone with half a brain knows that Kerry was referring to Bush. As Keith Olbermann opined: "Kerry called Bush stupid and Bush was too stupid to realize it." The slim chance that I could possibly vote for McCain has completely evaporated. He's in bed with the same people that impugned his own service and integrity. If America keeps the Repugnants in control of either house of Congress, they deserve the ass-kicking that'll result.
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    Kerry that Weight a Long Time
  • No IFs, ANDs or BUTs: I'm confident that the Dems will blow it once again. They always do, always will. Polls mean nothing. Getting out the vote will show how strong the Repugnants are. They will survive and make the Dems (and the nation) pay.