The iPod Shuffle Will Die in 2007

by Tanner Godarzi Sep 21, 2007

The iPod Shuffle’s debut at Macworld 2005 signaled Apple’s intentions to dominate the low end market and although it was seemingly effective then, the iPod Shuffle will die due to the very intentions of the device.

Many liked the iPod Shuffle; it was small, screenless, and got people into the iPod line. It worked, as I loved my 1G iPod Shuffle because it was cheap and was an iPod. However, Apple is bringing more and more features to the lower end line that you wouldn’t normally find.

The new “Fatty” Nanos can play video and are rapidly dropping in price, the iPod Classic is a cheap and well-sized video playback device, and even the iPod Touch is a phoneless iPhone.

So where does the iPod Shuffle, in its current form, fit in? Absolutely nowhere, in my opinion. The iPod Nano is rapidly approaching the Shuffle not only in price but in portability while significantly increasing functionality. All of these improvements rely on being able to see them, the newly revamped interface and video playback.

So while the Shuffle was meant to be free-flowing in music playback and light on storage to target the low end market, it’s no longer needed. Blind music playback won’t fit in Apple’s lineup, especially with the introduction of the iPod Touch and, even still, the iPhone.

Apple will want you to touch your music, photos, and video; where does that fit in with a screenless device? Nowhere at all, as I very highly doubt Apple would have the audacity to piss its user base off by describing what your pictures look like and the awesome CG effects you’re missing.

iPod Shuffle Man, Transformers has so many explosions and big cars, ooh they even turn into huge robots! Don’t you wish you could watch them fight complete with one word dialogue!?!

iPod Shuffle Dude, your wife is pretty ugly, don’t you like that Secretary in HR? Huh, huh? Mark?

Very innovative interface if I say so myself, iSpeak it should be called, and used never.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple axed the Shuffle in about a year at an iPod event, since it doesn’t have much room to expand. If it went up in storage it would compete with the Nano. Which would you buy, a $130 Shuffle or $150 Nano, both at 4GBs? The popular choice would be the Shuffle.

And even then the design can’t go that far, Apple might be able to stuff in a belt loop and have you paper clip your Shuffle. This, in my opinion, only confirms the iPod Shuffle’s death: it can’t go anywhere in terms of storage, design, or even marketing, and the last update to it was only a modest color change.


  • I couldn’t agree more.  I bought my wife a Shuffle ( just for the heck of it ) when they first came out.  She loved it.  She still says that it was one of the best gifts I have ever given her.  She used it while working around the house or exercising.

    Now she has a 2G iPod nano and a speaker system (with radio) and the Shuffle has been adopted by my six year old daughter.  I recently traded in my 2G nano for a 3G nano with video and I found myself coming to the same conclusion about the Shuffle.  Who needs it?

    Khürt Williams had this to say on Sep 21, 2007 Posts: 45
  • The iPod shuffle was made to play music. That’s why people use it. It doesn’t have to compare to anything but itself. It does not have to go anywhere but to clip onto you. It does not have to enable you to touch and see music, as long as it plays music that touches you. It doesn’t have to fit into any strategic plan. It has to fit into the life of people. It was not meant to expand. It is actually cool for people who do not need to fiddle with extra features. It simply is. It shuffles well, and will do so forever.

    Alexome had this to say on Sep 21, 2007 Posts: 1
  • The current shuffle is great because it’s invisible. I use a 1G Nano all day at work. I use the shuffle when I’m running, mowing or washing cars. My wife uses hers when she’s cleaning and working out. Their inexpensive and bulletproof. Apple would be crazy to kill is. They are perfect just the way they are.

    Brandon Shaw had this to say on Sep 22, 2007 Posts: 1
  • At the price point, the size, the simplistic ease of use, and the weight, I’m not sure that the shuffle will be dead. It sells well, and has great functionality. It is great for kids and for running/exercise.

    diablojota had this to say on Sep 22, 2007 Posts: 25
  • I’m buying an iPod Classic for the storage (for work related projects *wink*) and a iPod Shuffle because I don’t need to watch videos or photos and rarely even look at my current 3G iPod that is slowly dying. Apple would be crazy to drop it, but that’s what I said about the rumors regarding the death of the iPod Mini. *sigh*

    breuklen had this to say on Sep 23, 2007 Posts: 31
  • I hope the shuffle stays around. I’ve a shuffle, a nano, an ‘old’ iPod, and just succumbed to an iTouch. The shuffle is used everyday at the gym as it is easy to clip onto my t-shirt and seems impervious to banging around. The nano got little use and I gave it to a GF. The ‘old’ iPod is in the car with an FM transmitter and serves as a backup. The iTouch is a whole diff. world.

    hotep had this to say on Sep 23, 2007 Posts: 13
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