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  • ROTFL!!! Thank you. Made my Monday.
  • The problem with a lot of Apple fanatics is that they think Apple only makes products for them. Come on people. Most of those iPod and iPhones are being used by people who runs Windows. Think outside your Apple cart. iOS on Apple TV is a ridiculous idea. As ridiculous as running OS X on your iPhone or iPad. One was designed for a mouse and the other for a finger. Requiring a user to have a $200 iPhone or iPod Touch or worse yet, a $500 (or more) iPad to use the Apple TV is recipe for making sure Apple only sells two devices. Now back to reading my news feeds. NetNewsWire becons.
    Khürt Williams had this to say on Aug 29, 2010 Posts: 45
    iOS on an Apple TV? A VERY Bad Idea
  • Ahem.... I fail to see the problem. The car I bight two years ago did not have an iPod dock, blue tooth or an audio auxiliary jack. The current model does. However, that does not prevent me from getting to work in comfort and safety. What features of the current iPod touch will stop working when iPhone OS 4 or a new iPod touch is released?
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    Don't Buy an iPod Touch This Summer.
  • Greg, You are making the very mistake the article brings to light - personification of a corporation. Just to be clear what I mean: "the attribution of a personal nature or human characteristics to something nonhuman". Apple is not a person. A corporation has not morals. It is designed to make profit within the rules (the law) of engagement. So long as no law is broken, it's all okay.
  • Some geeks will say "I’m not buying the iPad until it gets a webcam". Soon after Apple ads one, another geek will say "I’m not buying the iPad until it gets a rear-facing photo camera". Soon after Apple ads that, another geek will say "I’m not buying the iPad until it gets a physical keyboard" And on and on and on ..... Perhaps of the Simpson episode where Homer gets to design a car and bankrupts the company in the process.,_Where_Art_Thou?
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    Last Year's Model: Fine for the Rest of Us
  • I hate it when my friends fight. I have Google services tightly integrated with my Mac (Gmail/, iCal/Google Calendar, Address Book/Google Contacts, iChat/Google Talk). Perhaps Apple would consider just offering a choice in the next iteration of Safari (Mac or iPhone).
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    Apple Switching to Bing? A Major Error.
  • What do you think? I think that VERY few will pay the same price for a locked down digital copy of a physical book. What do you enjoy about physical books versus their digital counterparts? The only physical books I read are graphic novels. Online reading via PDF suffices for me. I'll be first in line at the iPad Bookstore. Could you see yourself pirating a book in the future if you don't want to pay $30 for the new Stephen King? Let's just say I'm not willing to pay more than $2.99 for a DRM digital book. Remove the DRM and I might pay more. Have you already done so? No.
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    E-Book Piracy on the iPad: Some Thoughts
  • "When we pined for a tablet from Apple," - I suppose "We" means "geek" since none of my non-technical family and friends have any idea what a "tablet" PC is and the only people I see buying netbooks are geeks. Geeks must realise that they are no longer the dominant users of computers and that most people want an easier computing experience and have a difference set of needs. Email, web browsing, shopping, social networking are all things my wife does ONE at a time in a SINGLE tab while using a browser. Outside of geekdom most computer users do not know multi-task on a computer.
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    Worrying about the iPad Imitators? Don't
  • My predictions? 1. No Apple tablet in 2010. We'll see one in 2011. 2. A carrier agnostic iPhone 4G in the fall of 2010. 3. Apple will replace/supplement the iTunes app with a web based system using Lala technology. Anything you buy on Lala will sync instantly to your iTunes library and vice versa. Your entire iTunes library will be streamable from any broswer or iTunes enabled device - Applet tv, iPhone, mac or PC.
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    10 Apple Predictions for 2010
  • Ok. After trying out Yep, I can come back and say "I was wrong". You are right. There is a need for and app "like iTunes or iPhoto whereby you should be able to manage, keyword, and rate PDFs on your computer". That app is Yep.
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    Paperless Reading on Your Mac
  • "First off, Preview should be like iTunes or iPhoto whereby you should be able to manage, keyword, and rate PDFs on your computer. As it stands now, you have to save PDFs in regular Finder folders." I don't agree with that. I do not need an application to manage every kind of document type I have on my system. The PDF format was developed and is still predominantly used for exchanging documents where the document creator does not want the document modified. I don't see anyone clamoring for an app to manage, keyword, and rate Word, Excel or Powerpoint documents. Your use case, using PDF for newspaper type reading, is specific to you. I prefer reading my news via RSS and a newsreader. However, if you must have it, here's some links to PDF Managers:
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    Paperless Reading on Your Mac
  • I've been ready for the shift to "touch compuing" since I got my hands on an iPod Touch. When/if an iPhone 4G is released on Verizon/LTE I will be first in line. I will gladly surrender my (mostly neglected) MacBook for a large screen MacTouch. And again, laugh at my Windows PC friends stuck using last decades technology. The future is here; it's just no evenly distributed.
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    Why Apple Shouldn't Ignore the Enterprise
  • Apple has not power over any market. It makes excellent products with feature people want to use. Jason's complaint appears to be: "Apple built this thing in a market with dominant established players and now that their hard work has paid off they should be forced to share their success". Apple doesn't day you can not use your iPod with other software or operatings system. Only that they will not provide technical assistance with that. Apple does not say you can not use your non-Apple MP3 player with iTunes. Only that they have will not provide support technical assistance with that. Honda won't provide assistance if I connect third party parts non-Honda parts to my Accord. If I change out the factory radio Honda won't help or warranty the work.
    Khürt Williams had this to say on Aug 10, 2009 Posts: 45
    Jason Calacanis is Wrong: Part 1 of 5
  • Give me the form factor of the iPhone/iPod Touch with the same/similar interface and OS ( iPhone OS or Mac OS X ), ability to use bluetooth keyboard and mouse and I will be the first to give up my desktop/laptop.
  • Most of Microsoft's customers for OS and Office are businesses, not consumers. Google OS would have no major impact on that.