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  • Butler is nice, as is Quicksilver. In my experience, QS crashed on me more than Butler has, and was a little slower. I prefer Butler, but both are great tools and kick the crap out of Spotlight.
    motherduce had this to say on Apr 19, 2007 Posts: 17
    An Introduction to Quicksilver
  • Thanks for the review Chris. I've been struggling with iMovie because it seems to "almost" do everything I need, but nothing quite right. I will be getting FCE this year, hopefully soon.
    motherduce had this to say on Feb 08, 2007 Posts: 17
    Final Cut Express HD v3.5
  • This was the first accessory I purchased for my iPod Video. I love it. I would buy another one in a heartbeat.
    motherduce had this to say on Sep 08, 2006 Posts: 17
    Review: iFrogz Custom iPod Cases
  • Nice to see a real price comparison. I think the Dell can probably be found much cheaper with the use of deals and/or coupons, as well. However, as you mentioned, you didn't factor in the software or the OS. Not only is the Mac cheaper, but it also is far superior just in the fact that not only can it run Windows, but it comes with iLife and OS X. To me, that's worth quite a bit as well! Nice work.
    motherduce had this to say on Aug 14, 2006 Posts: 17
    Is the New Mac Pro Really Cheaper than a Dell?
  • Excellent feature - keep it up! I second BB's comment about incorporating the comments into the forums as well. Great idea.
    motherduce had this to say on May 22, 2006 Posts: 17
    Apple Matters' Reader Profile: Beeblebrox
  • has a lot more freeware/opensource goodies.
    motherduce had this to say on May 18, 2006 Posts: 17
    Best Open Source Software for the Macintosh
  • The big thing for me will be with the glossy screen. Can I go outside in the morning with my cup of coffee and read the wonderful articles on AM?
  • Personally, I think antivirus software is the biggest scam around. If you're relatively smart and secure with what you download and open on your computer (Mac or other), and if you're running through a router or firewall, chances are nothing's ever going to happen. Pair that with incremental backups, and I'm pretty confident in my setup, and I have both a XP machine and a Mac. Neither is running antivirus. If I do end up being stupid, and getting a virus on my machine, I may lose a few days' worth of data, but probably nothing terribly important (since I backup after I do anything of major importance). Antivirus software and it's damn renewing subscriptions is a ripoff - instead, why not just be SMART about what you do on your comptuer, for FREE!
    motherduce had this to say on May 08, 2006 Posts: 17
    Do Macs Need to Run Extra Antivirus Software?
  • In response to WMD... While you may find Yojimbo useful with .Mac, what about those of us without .Mac. I personally find .Mac a complete ripoff. It's a slow and tedious system that I have little use for. If you are worried about security, you could always use something separate from Backpack to maintain your keys, etc. Like a database or password keeper on a jump drive or something. I use KeePass on my jump drive. Portable Apps rock.
  • Why not just use Quicksilver? I would rather use my mouse as little as possible and have less clutter on my screen.
    motherduce had this to say on Apr 12, 2006 Posts: 17
    Developer Review: Stunt Software
  • Oh, and the flags are very cool (man, that took too much of my time already - 2 posts!).
    motherduce had this to say on Mar 30, 2006 Posts: 17
    Travel Light. And Take Your Mac.
  • You guys (Ben and Beeb) have entirely too much time on your hands to post a dozen times back and forth arguing about something that has and will be argued about entirely too long. I wish I had that much free time.
    motherduce had this to say on Mar 30, 2006 Posts: 17
    Travel Light. And Take Your Mac.
  • I'm with you Luke - I've never owned an iPod, but have been looking at minis for a while. I'm not big on the nano or the new iPod thanks to it's easily scratched surfaces (I'm not big on cases or sleeves). The silver mini was exactly what I wanted, and now I have to find it used or refurbed.
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    Music in Black & White
  • SirGeorge - it is a separate package, you can get it at the apple store, I think iWork runs $50 or so.
    motherduce had this to say on Dec 29, 2005 Posts: 17
    Pages: A Dusty Diamond
  • I'm with you here. I'd love to catalog all my photos with more descriptions or at least a title, but having to open each one up in the fashion required is a bit of a pain. I truly prefer Picasa on Windows to iPhoto. I wish Google would release Picasa for Mac!
    motherduce had this to say on Dec 07, 2005 Posts: 17
    How up to date is you iPhoto library?