Music in Black & White

by James R. Stoup Mar 03, 2006

Just a few days ago I got a new iPod. Ordered straight from Apple’s online store, a black, engraved, 60GB iPod is now sitting beside me as I type this. I love my new toy. It is a wonderful device and I like everything about it. Did I mention it is black? I did? Good. You see, I also bought my wife an iPod. And when I originally asked her what kind she wanted she told me that the one she really wanted was the blue iPod Mini. And before I could say anything else she started off on what she wanted engraved on the back of it. I had to gently break the news to her that the Mini was discontinued. She was not too happy about that news. And she was further annoyed when I told her that the Nano only came in two colors, black and white. Reminds you a bit of Henry Ford doesn’t it? You can a Model A in any color you want, so long as its black.

Well, I told her she could have an iPod in any color she wanted so long as it was black or white. To which she replied that this sucked and was totally unfair. And I found myself agreeing with her. Don’t get me wrong, like I said before, I love my black iPod, but thats me. Some people need more than 2 color options. And what I don’t understand is why Apple took this step back with the Nano. The Mini was the most successful iPod ever created and I am sure that the wide range of colors they came in was directly responsible for that. So why didn’t they keep the dream alive? Answer: I have no idea.

But I do know that if it was up to me the nano would have come in several different colors. In fact, here are my suggestions as to what colors the next iPods should come in:

  • white ~ can’t break tradition
  • black ~ not everybody likes white
  • metalic anything ~ every color looks cool when it is metallic
  • clear ~ I know this isn’t a color exactly, but I still think it would be cool.
  • pin strips ~ yankees anyone?
  • dalmation ~ hey, it worked for the iMac, sortof
  • two tone ~ like the old cars, mix-n-match!
  • zebra/leopard/cheetah ~ get that jungle feeling
  • pre-scratched ~ kind of like pre-torn jeans, it just saves time
  • mirror coating ~ why not right?
  • chrome ~ kind of like “mirror coating” only more distorted
  • mauve ~ every guy reading this is should just skip this one as no male actually knows what this color is
  • puce ~ see above
  • sport teams ~ why can’t I get my favorite sport team’s colors on my iPod? I want to watch a Redskins game in vivid burgundy and gold
  • \
  • platinum ~ for people with way more money than sense

So, write those letters to Steve Jobs demanding some more color options for the artistically incliined amongst us!


  • I’m guessing the main reason it’s only in two colors is Steve Jobs. I would bet money that he declared that it would only be black and white. It just seems like something he’d do…

    Detritus had this to say on Mar 03, 2006 Posts: 5
  • I agree with most of the colors except the pinstripe version.

    Go Sox!

    Captain Mac had this to say on Mar 03, 2006 Posts: 2
  • dalmation ~ hey, it worked for the iMac, sortof
    Sortof is right, that was one of the most hated macs of all time.

    Frozonecold had this to say on Mar 05, 2006 Posts: 32
  • michaelandrew had this to say on Mar 06, 2006 Posts: 1
  • Damn you Michael Andrew! Got there before me smile

    But yes, I have to say, I was pissed when Apple discontinued the colorful mini, and still am! I had been waiting to buy a mini for so long… all I ever wanted was a blue mini with 6GB storage and a color screen. Just ONE tiny upgrade to a color screen and Apple screwed it all. Bah… thanks for bringing this back up, James >_>

    Luke Mildenhall-Ward had this to say on Mar 07, 2006 Posts: 299
  • I’m with you Luke - I’ve never owned an iPod, but have been looking at minis for a while. I’m not big on the nano or the new iPod thanks to it’s easily scratched surfaces (I’m not big on cases or sleeves). The silver mini was exactly what I wanted, and now I have to find it used or refurbed.

    motherduce had this to say on Mar 07, 2006 Posts: 17
  • I dunno… just buy a jacket for the ipod. I like they way my nano looks without the jacket, but it just scratches entirely too easily. Not to mention the jacket adds some bump resistance as well… The various jacket manufacturers have all of these color schemes too.

    gbaker had this to say on Mar 07, 2006 Posts: 1
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