Review: iFrogz Custom iPod Cases

by James Bain Sep 08, 2006

I am more often than not disappointed by the promises made by various companies to ‘do things my way’. One restaurant for example has repeatedly “not” lived up to a similar marketing promise of theirs and has never put black truffles in my hamburgers.

iFrogz, however, has a much much better record than this. They promise to deliver cases made to order, from an extensive menu, perhaps even an OVERWHELMING menu, of choices. And, you know, they did deliver something that was exactly what I wanted, though I didn’t know what it was that I wanted until I started playing with their wonderfully designed site.


Even if you are not presently in the market for an iPod case, you have to see their awesome site,


Their products are essentially silicon cases, exquisite silicon cases with a deliciously tactile, silky feel to them, with protective silicon edge bands, protective front shields with decorative click-wheel decals, carrying clips and/or lanyards depending upon your model and choice.

By selecting case colour, band colour and click-wheel decal, you are going to wind up with final product that is exactly you.


As you make your various selections, the site interactively and instantly provides you with a picture of what you’ve chosen, modeled upon your particular make of iPod. When you eventually settle upon your personalized design, and the process is fun enough that my six-year-old loves to play with it,  you place your order, it quickly arrives, and you’ll have in hand something that is exactly as pictured (pls forgive my phone’s less than amazing digital camera’s ability to handle accurate colour).


Again, amazing.

I played around, as I said, with their design interface for a good long while, deciding finally upon an Olive case with a Black protective band and a Mona Lisa click-wheel decal. The colours of the case and band that arrived matched the colours in the order process and overall I think I got a pretty snazy combination. Feel free to copy it if you want.

Your case comes delivered to you in pieces all packaged in a nicely presented Ziploc-style bag with comprehensive instructions for assembly. Pay very close attention to these directions and be sure you know exactly what you’re doing before putting the front shield and the click-wheel decal on. I recommend you find a quiet, dust free place to do all this, carefully read and stringently follow the freely available manual. Skip a step, or rush through it, and you might find yourself with a less than properly seated screen or decal. As the adhesives and all are very solid, you don’t want to be stuck with a less than wonderful job. The front shield comes off easily enough, if you decide for some bizarre reason to later opt out of the whole iFrogz experience, but that decal is going to be there for the archaeologists to ponder over. Just be careful, and you’ll be fine.

So, the quality of these cases is quite good. Beyond good, excellent actually. I can’t stress that enough. Because of the silky feel of the silicon, your iPod can slip into the case fairly easily and can be removed easily as well in the off chance that, as with my preferences, you might occasionally want or need to put your iPod in another case, for running or swimming perhaps. The face screen and click-wheel decals are very low profile and I have not had a problem fitting my iPod so ornamented into any of my more ruggedized or specialized cases.

After reviewing these, I know what everyone on my holiday list is getting for presents this year, friends and family be forewarned. But I know none of you will be disappointed.

If I had to grade the iFrogz cases, I’d give them an instant 95%. I was shocked by how good they were and cannot now imagine not having one. I bought a few extra face screens so that if I do scratch up or damage one I can quickly replace it. They’re not expensive and I recommend you order at least one extra when you do buy one of these, just so you won’t find yourself stranded if some second grader say plays with your iPod and messes up the face screen. At $29.00 plus nominal shipping for such a good case, there really is no reason for you not to go out right now and buy one. Just do it, and thank me later.


  • This was the first accessory I purchased for my iPod Video. I love it. I would buy another one in a heartbeat.

    motherduce had this to say on Sep 08, 2006 Posts: 17
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