September 29, 2001: OS X Puma Released

by Chris Seibold Sep 29, 2010

Mac OS X 10.0 was of interest to Mac users. After all, it had been promised for over a decade, but the actual product was less than compelling. Printing, scanning, using a responsive computer were all things that needed a lot of improvement.

The next major iteration of OS X was Puma. The update was given for free to those already using OS X. While OS X 10.0 clearly wasn't ready for the masses, Steve Jobs felt differently about 10.1 declaring, "This is the mainstream release."

As a mainstream release, most users found Puma lacking. Mac users preferred OS 9 and the Windows world was largely unimpressed. While substantially better than 10.0, Puma wasn't good enough for day-to-day use. The "mainstream" release that really wasn't occurred when Puma was unchained on September 29, 2001.


  • I never had issues with Puma.  It was substantially better than 10.0.  The major issues Puma had were with DVD playback and CD burning.

    Xapplimatic had this to say on Sep 29, 2006 Posts: 15
  • I used every version of mac os x (including the public beta) and puma was a significant step ahead.  I used it every day with no problems.

    macman had this to say on Sep 30, 2006 Posts: 6
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