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  • Aug 03, 2007
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  • As an Apple TV owner, I am compelled to comment. You make it out like the only aspect of Apple TV is movies. That's far shortsighted. It also allows you to put your photos, podcasts, and music collection on your big screen TV. No other devices out there that I'm aware of do that or promise all of that in one device. It has its place. It isn't for everyone. It works for me.
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    The Contradictions of Apple TV
  • I'm sorry but how is this a challenge? Apple is shipping real product now within days. All Microsoft is shipping (as usual) is the promise of something, some time... hardly a challenge at this point.
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    Microsoft Challenging Apple's Multi-touch
  • I know this is slightly like the old IBM memo, but I couldn't help myself.. and the proceedure is easier than others I've read here. No disassembly or clothes needed. It worked for me... not kidding! http://web.mac.com/macos_on_appletv/iWeb/Site/Blog/ED14DB82-3372-4BF3-B96A-0FFC3A552DC8.html
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    Mighty Mouse Must Die!
  • I'll tell you what I do with old computers.. I let them sit around sucking electricity and running Stanford University's [email protected] software.. so even though they may not be useful to me, they're doing something useful..
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    What Will You Do With Your Old Computer?
  • John Dvorak lost all credibility when he sat there making rumors up about iPhone battery life being 40 minutes. Clearly the published specs are the published specs. Does Dvorak own stock in Nokia, Motorola, Sony, or LG?
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    Four Apple Pundits You Should Never Read
  • OK, I know this is a strange asside, but that is not a normal Mac keyboard! (or is it?) Mine has the caps lock key light as a small dot in the upper right corner of the key, not a big vein running down th front-middle of the key! Am I seeing things or is this a new kind of Apple keyboard?
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    Four Apple Pundits You Should Never Read
  • Yes, you can't blame the Mac for user error. Although a certain level of foolproofing was built into the Finder (such as making the /usr folder invisble, etc, using a third party tool to bypass those built in protections can hardly be blamed on Apple. Now, the little disparity on the behavior of that aweful green button on each window is Apple's fault, and that needs to be corrected.
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    And They Said the Mac Was Intuitive
  • LOL (the article, and the previous comment). Developers, developers, developers, developers!
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    Understanding and Avoiding RDF
  • This article is troll bait. Pure and simple.
  • I never had issues with Puma. It was substantially better than 10.0. The major issues Puma had were with DVD playback and CD burning.
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    September 29, 2001: OS X Puma Released
  • You can get touchscreens for iMacs. I've seen even the new 24" Intel iMac already has upgrades advertised for touchscreen.
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    What Would You Do With An iTablet?
  • Boy that was descriptive...:P Why was it recalled?
  • I've had no problems except that previews on movies (View Trailer) will truncate many times far short of finishing with no error notices.. as if I had told it to browse back to the previous page.
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    Upgrading To iTunes 7:0? You Might Want To Wait
  • Expectations are too high because the boat to the future tech has too many leaks.. Apple seems resigned now to battle the leaks, so now it's leaking its own products to deflate the overhype machine.. Seems like a proper adaptation to the situation to me.. by deflating the conjecture, nobody can be disappointed anymore and fewer people will be reading Think Secret.. but that leads us right back to Apple being able to surprise us again with what they didn't choose to preview or what key pieces of information were conveniently left out.. JUST LIKE OS X Leopard... only 30% of the feature set was shown...
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    Apple Will Never Surprise Us Again
  • iTunes allows you to start watching the download before it is finished downloading. Therefore, I would agree that the download time is on any broadband connection, not going to be all that important.. especially since there is a download management system now in place, you can prioritize the download for the one you want to watch first to get more bandwidth or all the bandwidth and pause the other ones, no? Just test out the software a little more before you pan it..
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    Apple's Movie Buying Experience Reviewed