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  • Sep 20, 2010
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  • If I am correct, I believe the new tv runs on iOS. Steve even left the door open to the possibility of the tv running apps when asked by reporters. My thinking is that Apple will wait until a significant number of tvs have shipped. And at $99 and even a little promotion in-stores and advertising they will. Once Apple has, say 2 million, devices connected I believe Apple will release a SDK. I think they want to have a built-in audience in order for developers to support the device. You'll see, tv will grow by leaps and bounds over the next year as iTunes goes to the cloud when Apple puts their SC data center online and opens the tv to apps. In the meantime, I'll gladly pay $20 more than an Airport Express for the features it already includes. And I'll keep my Tivo until Apple makes a DVR because nothing else comes close.
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    Apple TV 2.0: Still A Sucky Hobby
  • I want tablets that connect wirelessly to my main computer throughout the house. One for every room. Think multiple users logged in at the same time. More or less a portable screen that extends your main computer. Watch TV and surf the net at the same time. Mount one in the kitchen to display recipes as you cook. Mount one to a wall (with an assortment of frames) to wirelessly run photo slideshows direct from iPhoto. It fits Apple's model of keeping things simple the same way iTV does. The home computer is becomming the home server and everything will run off it. It doesn't have to be a take-it-anywhere laptop, just an extension of your main computer for the home. So give me my iTablets or iScreens or whatever you want to call them. But wait intil you can produce such a thing for under $500 a pop.
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    What Would You Do With An iTablet?
  • For my $69 I think .Mac provides a decent value. Mainly the syncing feature and integration with iPhoto and iWeb. Of course, FREE would be even better, or at least Apple could lower the retail price to $69 so I don't have to order from Amazon when I renew each time. The main feature I'd like to see added is the ability to allow family members to purchase photos and books. iWeb can also use more templates.
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    .Mac Needs to Be Radically Retooled
  • Is Apple selling Macs at WalMart now? ; ) (in reference to the graphic)
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    A WWDC Preview