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  • Apr 05, 2010
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  • I find the two key complaints about the iPad in this post to be frustratingly undersubstantiated. I get that the aspect ration of the iPad screen is going to result in large black bars above and below 16:9 widescreen video. But so what? The real question is whether the display is large enough and good enough to make watching movies enjoyable, comfortable, and immersive. And it's meaningless to state that the iPad's pixel density achieves only 40% of the resolution of a printed book without offering comparisons to other electronic reading displays, such as the Kindle, the Sony Reader, or even a decent Mac LCD display. I expect meaningful technical analysis (with numbers!) in a tech product review, not a casual drive-by, and I'm particularly disappointed because movies and reading are two big reasons I might buy an iPad, although I haven't seen or touched one yet. I'm keenly interested in this argument and yet I'm moping because you've offered unsupported, non-comparative assertions, not a real argument. A guy like John Gruber might rip you a new one if you're not more careful.
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    Why I'm Not Buying an iPad (and Why Maybe You Should)