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  • Nov 29, 2007
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  • I have never before been so disgusted in one of my favorite sites. One user on the Macheist forum stated: "You arseholes wasted everybody's time with a cheap stunt that made a lot of hosting firms look bad. Further more you actually encouraged many mac haters to think it's 'ok' to hack Mac sites. Disgraceful." Crap like this separates the divide even further between the Mac Faithful and the PC elitists. I will now delete this site and every other one that took part in this, and make sure that all of my Mac Faithful friends know of this and choose to delete your site and the others as well. It might have been a PR stunt, but it was a bad stunt to pull. Way to F*ck it up for the whole mac community and those who wasted hours going over code on their site to make sure this didn't happen to them, as well as giving the ok for every hacker that wants to, to try and hack a mac site. First and last post to this site.....
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