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  • Apr 06, 2009
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  • sometimes you really have to wonder if Apple is really a replacement for religion for some people. If Apple doesn't make great products 5 years (or 2 months for that matter) who cares if they are still around. I like to use their products because the way they work. If that changes we will look for something else. Honestly lets hope 20 years from now they will be something else. A guy on the block with his (or her) new company. Isn't that something to look for?
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    One Day I Will Switch from Apple
  • MacGlee you opinion is based on what because they dare to critize our beloved company? Sometimes I really wonder what it is with your Apple fan boys. They make great computers yes but is their anything remotely green in this apple? no. Please keep it real. Just think about the ipod (which I love) and its not removable battery for sec. See there you go wasn't too hard ;-)
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    What Will You Do With Your Old Computer?
  • I remember always saving the tax when I lived in NYC when I paid cash. That doesn't work in a big store of course...
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    5 Tips For Getting The Best Deal on Apple Purchases
  • Thanks for taking the time trying to cool things down but these are attempts are destined to fail. People want to believe that Apple will invent and sell the flying sourcers (spelling??) and whatever. But I salute you for trying
  • I think Windows would be the wrong choice simply because people would get used to the fact they have this on their machines and maybe it would backfire just like OS/2. Imagine Adobe saying: You professional Mac users just fire up Windows and there you have your Photoshop version we give a nice crossgrade price. Might even happen with parallels...