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  • Sep 21, 2007
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  • Things aren't so black and white. I have owned Apples ince the Apple ][, amd like their products. Apple, like any company in its right mind, is quite fond of making a profit. Its margins are quite good (look at the iPhone) and it deosn't want to get into the $400 commodity PC market because the profits aren't there. Apple has also done thinghs which aren't in their customers' best interest, even with wildly successful products like the iPod. Having the user unable to replace the battery and requiring a proprietary video out cable are too examples. I think that Apple makes the best computers on the market, with OS X being a large reason why, and I will stick with them. There, even before now, have been times when Apple was the company that "used to be good". We survived them and will again if necessary. Hey, I think Apple changed significntly for the worse when Wozniak left.
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    One Day I Will Switch from Apple