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  • Jun 06, 2006
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  • I love iWeb. Best new thing Apple's done in a while. I also figured out that you don't need to have the links to all pages at the top, and that you can create links to other pages yourself using the hyperlink insert. I created a website this weekend and already made my first blog entry. The integration of the other iLife apps with iWeb is astounding. Create a photo album in iPhoto, send it to iWeb with one command. Create a podcast in Garageband - same thing.
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    iWeb: A First Look
  • First, there's no "monopoly" on the apple side. Apple competes against the wintel solutions. People compare final cut pro to whatever's available on the windows side. Apple knows this and has to make FCP better. Same with iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD. These programs are all outstanding already, collectively far far better than the "equivalents" on the windows side. But apple competes against those. If the iApps aren't better, that's one less reason to buy a mac. If apple slacks off and wintel catches up, every reporter out there will dutifully report to the windows masses that the iApps are no better than what's available for the PC and there won't be any switching. Apple's programs, and the overall mac experience including those programs, have to be better or apple dies. This is not a "monopoly" situation where lack of competition exists. There's massive competition for apple - the whole frickin wintel juggernaut. This competition is so vigorous it almost killed apple. Second, many 3d party developers don't care about apple. They neglect us, and produce a lot of dreck for which they overcharge for upgrades. All they do is (1) port everything to windows and make sure they work the exact same or worse on the mac, but no better, thereby removing any reason to own a mac; and (2) drag their feet in implementing new mac technologies, again because they are producing a "least common denominator" cross platform program. Apple is right on track. Sure, it's risky and difficult and frought with danger, but is anything worthwhile easy?
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    Is Apple Going to iApp Itself Into Irrelevancy?