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  • Oct 14, 2008
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  • I agree to a point. I don't like losing high scores either but I am not going to cry about it. Any game that is worth getting a high score on is going to be played regardless. I don't need the game to tell me my high scores, if I am into it then I will remember. It's a freakin game for Pete's sake. As far as app data goes, there does need to be a way to back that stuff up and preferably a way to back it up manually as well. (don't hold your breath, I know) That is exactly why I treat most of the apps as a novelty. My work is on my laptop and my desktop, both of which are backed up on 2 different drives. My iphone is an extension, not the other way around and I keep nothing on my phone that I don't have backed up in some way. Mostly adjustments to my calender and writing notes and emailing them to myself. I make phone calls, DUH and I listen to audio books. Glamorous, no but it gets the job done and that's what I want. Most of the apps you listed are neat, there are a lot of cool apps but mostly unnecessary. iCal can take care of most of it and while not as cool, sufficient. Users.....
  • I've had a lot of the same thoughts as some of you and I still don't agree with the price point but less aggressively than I used to. I am more tolerant partly because I understand more of what I am paying for, personally. I think one of the most over looked (taken for granted) values is ease of use. Not because it's never discussed but because the people who it really benefits are not usually part of these conversations. The people that are part of these discussions usually range from advanced users to techies and take that for granted. It's the same on both platforms. If I have a similar discussion with my techie windows friends, like me, all their windows boxes work great, very few problems. But are we a good sampling of the average user? I say no. Like beeb pointed out the average person is surfing and emailing and I agree. However, IMHO those are the people that really need to be on a mac.
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    Apple's Pricing Scheme Is Starting To Bother Me
  • I remember once upon O time having my first computer. I loaded everything I could get my hands on for no particular reason, and I messed with all the settings, preferences and such. It crashed all the time too. So early since release I would do more testing before freaking out. There are a handful of people around me that are not experiencing any of these problems. I know mileage may vary, but come on, why the itchy trigger finger?
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    Is the iPhone the OS 9 of Phones?
  • My reaction to the second article is, duh. I have had similar conversations with colleagues for the last couple of years. However, I don't consider it really negative, it comes with the territory. Apple, or anyone else for that matter, isn't going to get everything right. It is the frequency and scale of blunder that invite any real criticism, everything else is just whining. Slow news day maybe?
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    Welcome to the Real World, Apple
  • If you were making this argument a few years ago I would be more inclined to agree with you. Google IBM and Macs, then google Macs, iphones and the army. I don't think it's teasing , it's testing. I also don't believe that Apple is going after the enterprise market, it is the other way around. Apple has been riding the halo effect of the ipods into more homes, why wouldn't that continue into the workplace? It only makes since, to me, people that converted and liked it would want to use them at work as well. If there is, and I believe there is, enough demand for this product at the enterprise level, doesn't the iphone makes even more sense? Maybe. "What if" snow leopard (server) brings support for those enterprise apps?
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    Enterprising Apple