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  • May 09, 2006
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  • "... to develop some snazzy but rather pointless games for the iPod..." It looks like Aaron Wright doesn't like to adapt to changing technologies. iPod is a fantastic device, and for it to also play games is awasome on plane flights, and I see nothing wrong with that. As for Apple entering the gaming console market, this could be a possibility. But not any time soon. I'm open to bold ideas from SJ.
  • I know names at can be confusing and I had to do some research too. Core 2 Duo stands for second generation of dual core. The number before “Duo” will mean the generation of the chip itself. So why did Intel do this? They are trying to separate themselves from the marketing confusion coming from the AMD camp. A friend of mine from Sun told me that the 1st batch of AMD Athlon dual cores where 2x32 and AMD marketed that as AMD64 without clear explanation of the number 64. People bought that thinking it was a new platform, and little did they know that it was just a marketing trick. My friend from Sun told me about AMD marketing bashing and the ugly dispute with Intel. I won’t go into details (because it’s not relevant to Apple). I was shocked at how shallow some companies can be, and said to him “If AMD would have picked on Apple the way they are doing it to Intel, Steve Jobs would liquidate AMD in 5 working days so he can play golf on Saturday and Sunday.” Anyway, the article also mentioned IBM. Do any of you know how ugly things got between IBM and Apple? IBM quality control in chip manufacturing is very poor. Bringing Sun back into the picture, 20% of the IBM chips supplied to Sun (in that period) were faulty and had to be sent back for replacement. Now it’s 10%. In the semiconductor industry that’s really bad figures. IBM is having a hard time making the NY fab work properly. On top of that, IBM and Motorola were having a feud about patents and quantities of PowerPC production. In the middle, there was Apple wondering when (?) the new chips will be released and are they going to get it on time (?). I felt very sorry for Steve Jobs because most likely he took Exedrin every day. From this sour experience that Steve Jobs had to go through, I wouldn’t be surprised if he demanded a legal written agreement/contract from Intel that supply and innovation will not be compromised for Apple. It looks like the author of this article is a PowerPC fan and is having a hard time relinquishing the good old days for the “future.” A way for Steve Jobs to erase the sour experience with IBM is to release a new version of Power Mac G5. If he decides to call it G6, it’s fine with me. But, I don’t think it would be wise given the current innovation at Apple. You know the Apple motto “Think different.” As a 3D animator I do that every day. So how about we use a new name? How about another bold idea – HAL?