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  • Sep 07, 2009
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  • All valid points, but here's my 5 reasons why Win is better than OSX, which could have been corrected ages ago, but still annoy me: - win recycle bin is better implemented than osx's trash. still no permanent delete for mac. creation of annoying and invisible trash folders on removable disks, with no possibility to empty them separately. - finder prob. 1: no cut - paste for files - finder prob. 2: creating many hidden files on removable disks, with no possibility to eliminate them except with the aid of third-party plugins - spotlight is limited, and cannot be configured to search deeper; need to set up a specialised search within finder. - win runs on macs, osx does not run on pcs (disclaimer: my computer of choice is a mac, doesn't mean i think it's perfect)
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    5 Reasons Why OS X Still Beats Windows
  • So you really find the edges uncomfortable? I plan to upgrade my white 13" macbook to a 15" pro, but there were quite a few situations where I used in on my lap for real work. Does it get hot even if the CPU is not at full capacity? If so, I will hang on to my whitebook for a while longer...
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    MacBook Pro: Warts and All
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    10 Dumbest iPhone Apps Ever
  • Privacy issues aside, cloud 'computing' is absurd, and will never stick. Of course, everybody likes to have internet access on the go (ex: the iphone's and netbooks' success), but that's pretty much it. For any other 'computing' tasks, people will stick to their main computer. not happening
  • Cloud computing has no future, except maybe for handelds.
  • re: the '-Apps' folder with app shortcuts - no need for it! You can simply add the original Applications folder to the dock - then set it to List view and it will behave (sort of) as a win Start menu.