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  • Aug 31, 2007
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  • While most of the features highlighted at the two most recent Apple events were somewhat blase, I think there were some interesting developments "under the hood" that aren't so in your face. I'm a soon to be switcher and some of the new announced features really intrigue me: 1) Time machine This one sounds like it *could* be a very useful innovation. Having automated back-up software that is functional for average users sounds like it's a wonderful idea. I'll have to try it out before passing judgement 2) Core animation This could be a great tool-kit for developers to build new features and interfaces. 3) Improved Finder Some of the developments in the Finder seem great, especially the part about searching other computers on your network. 4) Integration with .mac Steve Jobs announced a cool feature where you can access files on your home computer from anywhere in the world via .mac services. I thought this was a cool idea, but I haven't heard much about it since. The other features didn't really do anything for me, but I got the sense that there was quite a bit of improvement and innovation to the back-end code. My guess is that these improvements will be the foundation for future product development and integration. That's just my opinion based on everything that I've heard and read. But, we'll have to see and try it all out once Leopard is finally released.
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    The Coming Leopard Letdown
  • An interesting observation. The weird thing is that I'm not so crazy about the new black/silver theme. I actually like the all white look, as it's quite distinct from other computer and consumer electronics manufacturers. The all white look also tended to match the zen-like design philosophy of the Apple products. I'm not suggesting splashes of color are bad - the different options for the ipods are great. I'm just not convinced that going ... black is the best choice. Who knows, maybe after going to a silver/black theme for several years, Apple will settle on another color scheme and then maybe even come back to the all white.
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    Black Is the New...er...Black
  • I agree with almost all of the 14 items on the wish-list: #8 EVDO and #11 GPS are definitely nice to have, but not absolutely necessary. #12 light, light, light <3lbs, please! Unfortunately, I think for this type of laptop, some people will lament leaving out some features. To get the unit lighter and thinner, the optical drive will probably need to be removed (I don't mind because I rarely use CD/DVD any more except to install). #15 - dedicated video card ala Macbook PRO series. Please don't cripple the unit with an integrated video card. The docking station is an interesting idea even though most other laptop manufacturers seem to be moving away from this idea. What I would suggest as an alternative would be an external battery charger so you can swap batteries in and out. What's the point of having a 2nd battery if you can't charge it when it's not in the laptop?
  • I had this exact same problem with my shuffle. Not sure if this is your problem, but my machine (WinXPPro) wouldn't recognize the device. When I did get iTunes to recognize the shuffle, it wouldn't load anything. I got this weird error message about not being able to find some file (sorry, since I solved the issue, I don't remember the error code or the exact wording). I did some searching on Apple's support site but didn't find anything useful. After searching the web for about two days, I came across a and also on the web and found a posting with a solution. The solution was to re-install the software from the original CD that came with the shuffle. After re-install the shuffle firmware (itunes didn't install itself) and a reboot (Windows), everything seemed to work fine. Hopefully this will help. Before I did this re-install, I uninstalled/installed iTunes7, reset the shuffle via iTunes, ran an update, and even tried to reset the shuffle. Nothing worked until I reinstalled the original software.
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    AAM: Shuffle Problems