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by Aaron Wright Oct 23, 2006

Hello folks,

Whilst there are many of you out there who are fortunate enough to have the latest gadgets from Apple, there are still some who have slightly older, yet still working perfectly fine, gizmo’s from the fruity computer giant. Dave97 has been having trouble with his older iPod Shuffle in that his hard-drive nor iTunes seems to be able to recognise its existence. He has taken a peak at the Apple support site only to be told that he needs to restore and reset his Shuffle, but of course, restoring isn’t easily done without a computer that recognises it.

This week I’ve submitted my own answer to Dave 97’s question - it may not necessarily prove to be the correct solution but it’s certainly something that could be tried. If you have experienced this problem before or perhaps know of a better solution, please feel free to leave a comment below or visit the thread Shuffle Problems and leave your answer.

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Question Of The Week

iPod Shuffle Will Not Appear In iTunes or on Hardrive

Question by: Dave97

I recently upgraded to itunes 7 and now my iPod Shuffle will not appear on my hard drive or in iTunes.  I have been on the Apple support site and it says to restore and reset it, but in order to do that it has to appear in the source pane of iTunes.  Can someone out there please help me??



Answer by: Aaron Wright


Firstly, make sure your iTunes 7 is up-to-date. I believe Apple issued a patch for it a few days after it was released because of a few minor hicups. If this doesn’t work…

...Can I suggest re-installing iTunes 7 completely? Go to App Zapper.com, download App Zapper and once installed, remove iTunes 7 by simply dragging the icon within your Applications folder into App Zapper. App Zapper will remove all remnants of iTunes 7 from your computer.

Once done try re-installing iTunes 7 and see if that works. Failing that it might be a case of restoring your Shuffle via another computer.

Is your Mac even recognising the Shuffles existence?

View thread.

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  • try to initialize your shuffle if the hard disk utility can see it. try doing the same under os 9.

    other than that install a clean pre itunes 7 system on an external hard drive and boot from there,
    also try hard disk utility when booted from a cd.

    good luck.

    hardboiledwonderland had this to say on Oct 23, 2006 Posts: 6
  • I had this exact same problem with my shuffle.  Not sure if this is your problem, but my machine (WinXPPro) wouldn’t recognize the device.  When I did get iTunes to recognize the shuffle, it wouldn’t load anything.  I got this weird error message about not being able to find some file (sorry, since I solved the issue, I don’t remember the error code or the exact wording).  I did some searching on Apple’s support site but didn’t find anything useful.  After searching the web for about two days, I came across a and also on the web and found a posting with a solution.

    The solution was to re-install the software from the original CD that came with the shuffle.  After re-install the shuffle firmware (itunes didn’t install itself) and a reboot (Windows), everything seemed to work fine.  Hopefully this will help.  Before I did this re-install, I uninstalled/installed iTunes7, reset the shuffle via iTunes, ran an update, and even tried to reset the shuffle.  Nothing worked until I reinstalled the original software.

    hansmixer had this to say on Oct 23, 2006 Posts: 4
  • I’m seeing the same behavior with my older 512 mb iPod shuffle—it was working fine one day, the next neither Mac OS X (on three different computers) nor Windows XP (one machine) can see the device. It does not mount on the desktop, nor do any of the indicator lights flash to tell me that it’s connected or even charging. My theory is that the USB connector must be shot; the shuffle itself was still able to play until it finally lost its charge.

    I tried resetting it several times, but no dice. Now that it’s charge is gone, I tried connecting it again, but alas, still nothing.

    NukeHavoc had this to say on Oct 29, 2006 Posts: 1
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