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  • Oct 02, 2006
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  • try to initialize your shuffle if the hard disk utility can see it. try doing the same under os 9. other than that install a clean pre itunes 7 system on an external hard drive and boot from there, also try hard disk utility when booted from a cd. good luck.
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    AAM: Shuffle Problems
  • "The open source community is ever growing and with the Linux systems becoming more and more stable, ... ." afaik stability has never been the problem with linux once it got running on a machine set up by a reasonably competent user. it is the hardware compatibility that is a show stopper in tandem with the steep learning curve, do tell differently if different under your rock. for instance when i tried to install ubuntu for Mac OS X recently on my powerbook it flat out refused to recogcnise my superdrive at all.
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    Will Apple Define The Future?
  • i had no idea this happens under tiger too. back in the day under panther it happened 2-3 times to me after disconnecting a hook-up via s-video to my tv without puting the pismo to sleep first, while doing other things at the same time. it never occured under tiger which i'm running since last october on my double-layer 15" powerbook.
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    Ask Apple Matters: OS X Crashes After-all
  • a) how desperate can one be to get a rise and thus comments out of people. b) isn't this called applematters? c) we wouldn't be in any more control over the content than we are now. or are you in control over what runs at your multiplex or what you can rent at your video store. d) did you vote howard or bush? that "there is and there shouldn't be any free lunch -it's gods and natures will" rhetoric smacks of it.
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    Pay Per View Internet
  • "Apple controls the experience from sweatshop to consumer and people are very happy with the end result. " i can't help but imagine happy chinese sweatshop workers sweating along in an apple controlled color-coordinated and ergonomically optimized designer sweatshop. stop,please you're killing me - monty python were are thou.
  • apart from a good backup plan and a thight firewall the single most important tip should be - never, never ever work online while being loged on as admin, let alone root. give your user as few rights as possible.
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    Top 8 OS X Safety Tips