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  • Agreed, Apple has always been fallable. The iPods have their share of issues, as have the laptops (to a much lesser extent), but I think Macs overall have improved over the years. I used to be a pro at troubleshooting the Classic OS since I regularly had to deal w/problems. I rarely have anything go wrong w/OS X. Nice and stable. The components of Macs have improved over the years as well. Have you opened a PC lately? They look and feel thrown together using bargain chassis. Since the G5 chips were introduced, Macs have been quite the opposite. On the other hand, the Mac v.s. PC arguement is just tired. Mac is growing in acceptance. Apple is a highly recognized entity these days. Since they aren't just a "computer company" anymore, they will be judged via their entire line product offernings. Hopefully, the iPhones are more solid than the iPods have been. If they are, then perhaps the future iPods will benefit as well. Time will tell.
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    Has Apple Become Just One of the Crowd?
  • So, tell us what you really think, James Ryan Stoup.
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    Four Apple Pundits You Should Never Read
  • iMac DS - touchscreen keyboard/mouse input separate from the multi-touch monitor.
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    Where Does the iMac Go From Here?
  • This dead horse has been flogged enough. Steve-O is asking the big four to take a big step that they don't realize that they've already taken. There are ways around DRM and copy protected CDs. For them to keep pursuing it at this point is moot - yet they don't (want to) realize that either. The industry jumping at licensing FairPlay tells me that they are desperate, out of ideas and that nothing else they have attempted is working. Even if copy protection succeeds one way or another, it will only be temporary. Wake up and hear the DRM-free music.
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    Thoughts on Steve Jobs' Desire to Abolish DRMs
  • iBook DS.
  • Steve-O did mention that there will be "a lot of Mac stuff coming in the next few months" prior to the iPhone announcement. I assume some quiet upgrades in the interim since Macs/Intel processors were the focus last year. WWDC would be the most likely for a 8xcore MacPro (if it happens). I also believe we did see a preview of Leopard (at least to some degree) during the iPhone song and dance - "It runs OSX" - 'Nuff siad.
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    When Is The Real MacWorld?
  • RE: #4. I can see a scenario where SJ held back on the Leopard preview due to the imminent release of Vista. Chances are those features probably weren't ready at preview time as well. I can see a possible game plan here: Vista will be released and then Leopard can outshine Vista after the years of work put into it.
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    7 Predictions for 2007
  • I play drums. I don't play any other instruments and I don't know how to read or write music. GarageBand is a useful tool to sketch rough song ideas. I'd never use it for producing anything professonally.
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    Garageband: Harmful to Musical Creativity?
  • Apple did just reduce their prices on the current line of Cinema Displays. That normally means newer models on the horizon. If not built-in iSight cameras, perhaps glossy screens ala MacBook.
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    How Far Will Apple Take iChat?
  • For me, 10.2 was a step back in usability experience and was a system resource hog. 10.3 on up has been gold. Anxious as to what 10.5 has in store...
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    July 14, 2002: Apple Previews Jaguar
  • I can see the case staying aluminum, dumping the cheeze grater look, and getting slightly smaller than the G4 tower. Apple will stick w/ease of opening over compactness for the pro desktop line.
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    Apple's Next Pro Mac
  • Viva Apple Computer. Isn't the only viable claim Apple Corps could possibly have against Apple Computers would be concerning physical distribution and label/music creation? If this lawsuit is the best that Apple Corps can hit Apple Computers with, they should just accept it and allow the Beatles songs on the iTMS. This is getting silly and becoming a big waste of time and money.
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    Apple vs Apple Records: And the Winner Is...
  • The "iLamp" G4 is really innovative and unique. It stands out over any other computer design I can think of in recent memory. I do prefer the iMac G5 for its compactness, plus it's VESA mount compliant. I don't think Apple is complacent w/design. It seems to me their focus has been more on functional design. ie: the PowerMac G5. I called it the "cheeze grater" initially. For Apple to work with the amount of heat the G5's throw off, it's a perfect design and the aesthetics don't suffer in the end. They balanced functional and visual design very well in that application. It still stands as my favorite enclosure to date. Curious to see what the intel G5 design has in store.
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    Is Apple Getting Complacent?
  • So I can say "Yes, I finally own a freakin' iPod, happy now?"
  • Front Row should be included w/iLife. Maybe an iLife/universal doc/Apple remote combo platter deal.
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    Apple Gets Serious About The Mac