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  • Jun 19, 2006
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  • In response to comment 1, well their market share would still grow like that. Someone has to be buying the mini at the other end, and presumably they will put it into use. But really to comment on the article. Apple's goal would seem to not be growing a large market share. In order to do that they would need to start building the "bargain basement" variety PC. Thats not Apple's idea, they don't want to sell large numbers of basically 0 margin computers. They would rather sell a smaller number of good computers with a "decent" markup attached to them. They have been pretty successful with this strategy recently. There's not much point in changing it just for the sake of a number.
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  • I have a sort of love hate relationship with contextual menus. The nice thing is it can give easy access to certain features related to what your clicking on at the moment. The problem with them is though that not everything will have a contextual menu attached to it, and unless you actually try to bring up such a menu there is usually no way to know, simply by looking at an item, if it will have one or not. The problem comes every so often when a developer puts some feature only in a contextual menu. As a result if you aren't always checking every item for the possibility of having a menu, and have not read the manual, then you could very well miss that feature for a long time. Having the items in menus on the top of the window/screen works better since the menu's are clearly visible and easier to find. There are even worse systems, for example having only a key combination, but the contextual menu can be a two edged sword in my opinion.
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