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  • Is it April 1st already?
  • Read "The FireWire Controversy" by Eric Schwarz and my follow-up notes at
    Robert Pritchett had this to say on Nov 15, 2008 Posts: 25
    Firewire, We Will Miss You
  • Psystar will fail with this kind of "support" for customers. I would not pay $50 to for shipping to Psystar to have Leopard reinstalled on a box.
  • Apple owns the software and they can terminate it at any time if the EULA is violated. We basically bought the permission to use it. Nobody is authorized to resell it. BTW, turandota, thanks for making the Adobe software transfers so difficult. (Snarky remark)
  • Ah, that would explain why when I want to transfer my Adobe software to a new machine, I have to go through Adobe (by phone) for authorization to finish the install (verify it has been removed from the old machine). I hope Apple never ends up there.
  • I think turandota is referring to this -
  • Apple's eventual workaround? include the OS in the chipset as hardwired.
  • "A violation of the EULA" in my book makes it illegal. I think perhaps Apple may have a better Lawyering team than Adobe and Autodesk did, based on all the suits they've had to handle over the years. And nearly all threats to Apple have been resolved, one way or another. I used to receive the Microsoft Tech packs each year. The Microsoft police were gunning for me when I stopped paying the annual fee (written strong-arm desist letter) and I was "forced" to remove any and all software from machines and destroy any and all CDs, etc. or be threatened with a lawsuit. Apple isn't there yet, but the weasel-worded legal sleaze is pretty darned close. And Psystar is a real enough business as a consulting firm in Florida - But they will get a "knock it off" letter fro Apple, if they have not had one served to them already. Count on it. The contract is implicit in how it is to be used. Bloody wars have been fought over less. Psystar is obviously violating the Mac OS X contract.
  • Which part of breaking the law don't we get anyway? Psystar is not sanctioned by Apple. I'm sure the Apple Legal Eagles are having a field day with this company right now. Remember what happened to the iPod copycats? Mac OS X on non-Mac machines is not legal and Apple has the right to come after you in court if you do so. Why support Psystar, if we know they are going to be shut down soon? Talk about pissin' in the wind... Oh, and I sell Macs with either a .5% or 1% profit margin.
  • My issue with NetApplications is that they do not or can not distinguish between computer systems that run multiple OSes. Most of our local Linux User Group ( members run Linux on their Macs (true computer shade-tree mechanics) using Ubuntu or other Linux variant. Many of us also reluctantly run various MS Windows OSes on our Macs (not by choice). The Mac is a multi-OS device. The NetApplication numbers are scrambled because the stats do not reflect the "true" platforms in actual use. I doubt they will ever be able to determine real platform use. For example, many newer Macs also run Vista better than on non-Apple platforms. MS Vista stats are thus also not quite "true", since they read "Vista" in use, but not Mac OS X. Frankly, I honestly believe because of this multi-OS capability, the Mac "numbers" are actually higher in practice and not just in theory.
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    Apple is Killing Linux on the Desktop
  • "Smugness" works!
    Robert Pritchett had this to say on Dec 17, 2007 Posts: 25
    I've Given Up Arguing with Windows Users
  • Steven Leigh; Nicely and tastefully done! I "switched" to Macs back in 1993 and used them exclusively at home ever since. Meanwhile, I jumped on the Microsoft Computer Systems Engineering training track for a few years, until I decided to jump off and establish a way for "switchers" to move to Macs by publishing macCompanion magazine over 5 years ago. We never seem to run out of things to write about.
    Robert Pritchett had this to say on Oct 10, 2007 Posts: 25
    8 Reasons Windows Users DO Switch to Mac
  • Why cut the cord? That is a brain-dead policy. The company needs to know which product run this came from and track back to find why things are not working. Instead they blamed the reseller for mishandling the product. The company should be sending out a replacement unit and a postage-paid return for the defective one.
  • MS can live off sales of their books, training for MCSEs, and selling mice and keyboards and MS Office without selling another copy of MS Vista to Mactel users. (Snarky Remark)
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    Who Wins if Microsoft Dies
  • Shuffle 2nd-Gen Disassembly -
    Robert Pritchett had this to say on Mar 21, 2007 Posts: 25
    iPod shuffle: Is it Worth Betting On?