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  • Jan 18, 2008
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  • For the most part I agree. Let's see, for $100 (and 6lbs) more, I can get a MBP with: - a larger screen - firewire - dedicated video chip - larger HD - FASTER HD - replaceable battery - DVD drive - ethernet port - ability to run pro apps that balk if you try to install on a machine with onboard video Yes it's heavier, but... $100! Value-wise the Air is not even close. It's just priced way too high. I also agree with dbregeon that if you have one computer to buy, Air is not it.
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    The MacBook Air Is a Horrible, Horrible Product
  • Others have mentioned this but it's such a UI issue for me that I'll echo it: using the arrow keys to move between options in dialog boxes. Thanks for the tip about the System Prefs setting, but that seems to only work with Tab, and support is minimal (no iTunes support, for example).
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    What OS X Could Learn From Windows
  • I am not a "switcher," more of an "adapter." I use PCs at home and work, but have been evaluating OSX at work. I found many of the suggestions in this article to be true; fortunately, most of them already can do done with third party software or hardware, or user preferences. 1) Compatible control keys. Yes. Even after finding out where the Ctrl equivalent on the Mac was, I couldn't train myself to use my ring finger for keyboard shortcuts. Besides the muscle memory issue, many of the shortcuts--CMD-Q for instance--just feel awkward. Fortunately, I believe Tiger (which I do not have) allows you to remap keys, and for pre-Tiger users there are apps that remap keys. 2) Save button on toolbars. I've found a lot of Apple apps to have a, for lack of a better word, "foreign" UI to me. I often have to hunt around for an icon--like, yes, Save--that in a Windows app I'd usually easily find on the toolbar or with a simple right click (see below). 3) A multi button mouse. This would be a lot more of an issue if you couldn't just plug in any 2-button mouse and have it work. The arguements against a 2-button mouse are just silly, let it go. It seems like a no brainer to me that a right click is easier (and more intuitive, but you may disagree there) than a combination of mouse AND keyboard, but YMMV. 4) Only show relevant file types in open and save dialogs. Agreed, just make it a user preference. 5) Sort folders to top of directory listings. This is reason enough alone why I use Pathfinder. I don't know if it's my Windows experience clouding my judgement or if it is just a really bad app (and many people seem to think so), but Finder sucks. Pathfinder is completely superior. Good suggestions... keep an open mind, people!
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    What OS X Could Learn From Windows