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  • Nov 29, 2006
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  • Sorry, I meant "I'm sure they see the similarities"
    swabblemeister had this to say on Oct 04, 2006 Posts: 6
    Vista Ain't that Bad, In Fact It's Good
  • I really think that Apple know this, though. I'm sure that, though this idea might defile the idea of a perfection at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino (purged of all imperfection), there is at least one computer there running a beta of Vista and at least a few running XP. I'm sure they see the differences. Luckily, Leopard is soon to emerge, and then the differences will likely return. Vista will give Apple considerable conpetition in OS design, and competition always brings out a better product (or forces a company out of the industry). Leapard is going to be sweet. And don't forget how long it took from XP to Vista, and how many OSX 10.x's came out in that time. We could possibly see OS XI emerge in the lifespan of Vista. I think we can count on the cutting edge ability of Apple to remain, though it is true that Vista and OSX are similar.
    swabblemeister had this to say on Oct 04, 2006 Posts: 6
    Vista Ain't that Bad, In Fact It's Good
  • Ha, then my question for you, motherduce, is what happens if you back up your computer with a virus already on it. Many viruses you don't detect immediately. And so, if you back up every few days, you could potentially back up your virus infected computer. Then, your stuff will all be lost whether you restore or not.
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    Do Macs Need to Run Extra Antivirus Software?
  • Chris, you brought up gaming, and I think that is an excellent thing for Apple with boot camp. Right now, Macs are really not gaming machines. One might point to Bungee and Blizzard games, but those are minimal. Now... when the powermac switches over to intel, my hunch is that it's going to be the most amazing computer ever. I mean... dual core dual processor 64 bit chips with velocity engine is nuts anyway. You give it to intel with a higher clock speed and the ability to run windows, it can suddenly be seen as a machine with a punch for gaming. That's something I see. I have always seen the powermac as the "if you can pay for it, you can have all the power you want" pc. That sounds like the gaming audience right now. So slap in windows without the task of emulating, and gamers might start to take notice.
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    Boot Camp: Apple's Insanely Bad Idea
  • Wow... there's a whole lot of people who are kind of hostile to the concept of Apple as a monopoly. I think many strong mac fans idolize Apple... and try to ignore their mistakes. For example, many mac fans will kind of stray away from admitting that Apple made some big mistakes during the 90's. Even though, as composed to pc's, macs last forever and don't get loaded with malware, they weren't at all very appealing to the average, non mac fans didn't have a very strong appeal to macs. They were ugly beige boxes. Now... they are pretty white pieces of art. But... also, I mean, apple does have their deficiencies. Monopolies have kind of been demonized in capitalist societies... and maybe for a good reason. But, that doesn't mean that people are trashing people's idols, only being realistic.
  • Ok... first I want to know how you got the idea to even add those numbers up. Next, what are you implying other than just a next OS (which we don't even know if it will indeed be a form of OS X. It could be OS XI, made and specially optimized for Intel and PPC chips)? I do agree that a movie store is highly probable and would definitely necessitate a whole lot of space and bandwidth. But... do you think that it could just be a coincidence rather than a secret message Apple are trying to send to clever detectives like you (I'm assuming this was your original idea and not brought up by someone else)?