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  • If you really, really have to have a physical, clickety-clackety keyboard to get your words onto a screen, the Jorno might be just the thing. The Bluetooth keyboard gives you the full QWERTY experience but folds up into a pocketable package. The keys themselves are just fifteen percent smaller than full-size, big enough for touch-typists with accurate and not-too-fat fingers. Thanks a lot. Regards, Adelaide Mortgage Broker
  • Purchase and connect a Blue tooth USB printer adapter if you don't have a Blue tooth printer. The adapter can turn any USB printer into a Blue tooth printer. HP and Welkin produce effective Blue tooth adapters. Purchase one from an electronics or computer store, or online. Plug the printer into the printer adapter using a USB cable. Thanks a lot. Regards, Carefree Real Estate AZ
  • You can use the perspective grid to draw vector objects on top of a reference photograph or video still placed on your artboard. When you focus on individual screens, you can draw with any of the vector graphics drawing tools available in expression blend, or you can import files from Photoshop, preserving layers, vector masks, and text, if you like. Thanks for your valuable time to share with me. Regards, golden triangle india
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    Easily Learn Vector-Based Drawing with Artboard