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  • Dec 04, 2007
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  • You forgot the funny.
    yoharryo had this to say on Feb 26, 2008 Posts: 9
    2008 Predictions
  • I gotta say, you write in an extremely odd way- in and of itself that is not a bad thing, I write in a stupid way that is exactly as it comes from my brain (and is usually full of errors, so I am being pretty hypocritical here, but what the hell). But it is honestly kinda hard to read yours; the sentences are formed in strange way and almost universally they are really short. It gets to a point where I find that it just becomes difficult to take anything in, I feel like I am stopping and starting all the time or that you have no consistent line of argument. I know it is horrible that the only people take the time to comment are the people who criticise, and for that I apologize. (I don't visit that often, my thumb may well not be on the pulse here. I am basing my views on this article and the one you wrote about Apple vs. Microsoft. If I am totally wrong, tell me to fuck off or whatever)
    yoharryo had this to say on Jun 17, 2007 Posts: 9
    3 Reasons Why I Hate The iPhone
  • Missing Sync is quite good, and it did save my Palm. But honestly, I would never ever recommend anyone buy it (though I would never ever recommend buying a Palm). It just doesn't work well enough to justify it over iSync.
    yoharryo had this to say on Mar 30, 2007 Posts: 9
    The Missing Sync List
  • I know you do say that it will be worth every penny, but the prices you have used seem a bit excessive. You need a $40 car charger? Never have I sat in a car and thought, damn I wish I could just charge my cell phone. That five hours you quote has been used irresponsibly here, it is five hours of continuous use. Whilst not always that low, most cells have significantly reduced life if you use them all the time. I generally don't talk on my cell for five hours a day. A $50 case? What are you gonna be protecting? The back? Because I don't think you could cover the screen or it would not work.
  • I contend that eWorld wasn't so 'me too'. I checked on Wikipedia to make sure I wasn't completely wrong about this before I wrote it, but Apple did, pretty much, develop the original AOL in tandem with Steve Case, a long time before eWorld. It might have been late to the party (and kinda sucky) but really it is an implementation of an idea they had a relatively long time ago.
  • I had the problem of trying to cancel a disc being burnt. I hit cancel and it simply crashed. However, I couldn't eject the disc. Upon restart (during which I held down the mouse to force an eject) I noticed that the disc had carried on burning even after the cancel. Although I'm not sure, I thought it may have something to do with disco simply using OS X built in disc burning capabilities, and the app crashing didn't in fact stop burning, as Toast crashing surely would have. Plus, I simply found Toast a lot easier to use, everything felt 'hidden' in disco.
    yoharryo had this to say on Feb 14, 2007 Posts: 9
    Disco 1.0, Simple Disc Burning With Style
  • "Is there a possibility that Apple’s sales aren’t going as well as expected from the moment they announced Boot Camp, and they feel as though they would gain more money by charging current Intel Mac users for it?" Did they not just announce gagillion dollar profits?
    yoharryo had this to say on Jan 24, 2007 Posts: 9
    Apple to Charge for Bootcamp?
  • Sounds great, so it will burn onto a disk that iTunes or the Finder have burnt onto right? You don't need to use BurnAgain to do all your burning needs? That would be great if I could re use all the half empty disks people give me!! I agree that $24 is slightly high, but I guess we are just used to low low prices now, considering it is an app for burning disks and not deleting other applications, it doesn't seem extortionate
    yoharryo had this to say on Jan 23, 2007 Posts: 9
    BurnAgain DVD, Easily Create Multi-Session Discs
  • wholeheartedly take the pledge
    yoharryo had this to say on Apr 07, 2006 Posts: 9
    Take the No Windows-Booting Pledge