December 6, 2005: NBC and Universal Come to iTunes

by Chris Seibold Dec 06, 2010

When Apple unveiled the fifth generation iPod and the accompanying update to iTunes, people were excited that they could watch videos on the iPod's two-inch screen. The excitement wasn't surprising; video playback was a capability iPod users had been longing for since the device first received a color screen.

The thing that was lacking was iPod-specific content. Apple's original selection of videos was meager, and while websites scurried to reformat video to an iPod- friendly size, other commercial offerings were lacking.

The dearth of content changed quickly as various creators began to offer downloads via the iTunes store. One of the early corporations to jump on the iPod video bandwagon was NBC, which began offering a variety of shows, including the ever puzzling Knight Rider, on December 6, 2005.


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