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by Bakari Chavanu Dec 05, 2008

I'm not enough of an Apple expert to make grand predictions about what will be revealed at the next Macworld Conference. But I do know what I as a dedicated Mac user wish would be announced during Steve Job's next keynote. Not that anyone at Apple will probably read this or care. And quite frankly, whatever is going to be introduced at Macworld is no doubt already produced, designed, and ready for shipment. But as you will see my wishes are modest, and are mainly in the area of software (which I'm sure we'll see upgrades and maybe a few new goodies at Macworld), with exception of my wish for an Apple netbook. So without further ado, here's my wish list. 

1. First off, I want some significant improvements to iMovie '08 or an update to iMovie '06 HD. I've tried using iMovie '08 several times, and my workflow just gets bogged down by several of its features that are just not as smooth as in iMovie '06. These problematic features in iMovie '08 include the awkward method of viewing and scrubbing video clips, the lack of third party plug-ins for transitions and titles, the inability to create chapters for DVD projects, and the overall awkward interface of the program. I'm an iMovie old timer, so I know I'm being a little biased in my assessment of iMovie '08, but the program truly is not a faster way of editing movies. It has not lived up to what it was intended to do. I would rather have some of the advanced features iMovie '08 (YouTube export, default automatic transitions, and some file organization features) be put into iMovie '06. 

2. Aperture 2 has some really great improvements made to it, and I seriously can't complain. But one big wish for the program is universal presets, similar to what exist in Adobe Lightroom. I'm trying hard to hang on to Aperture 2 because I prefer it's structural workflow over Lightroom, but the ability to select universal adjustments would be a huge time saver in using the program. As it stands now you can copy the adjustments made to one photo and apply them to one or more others, but you can't save those adjustments together as presets. 

3. Develop a professional slide show program. All the slide show features of iPhoto, Aperture 2.0, iMovie, and Keynote are basically the same. They're great for creating simple slide shows without too much hassle, but I'd love to see a pro version slide show similar to the Window's-based Photodex's ProShow. I know some readers might contend that FotoMagico is a good professional slide show program for Mac users, but once you see what ProShow can do for professional slide show presentations, you will want Apple to come out with its own program. 

4. TextEdit: Okay, TextEdit is a great simple program for what it does. But I while I want it kept simple, I think it could be turned into a notebook instead. Simply put, just turn TextEdit into MacJournal and add a few advance features from TextMate. Done. 

5. Safari: Please, please, please make it easier to use Greasemonkey plug-ins for Safari. I know these type of Firefox plug-ins can bog down a browser, but I simply want my beloved Apple web browser to be a little more Firefoxy. I've tried other web browsers, and there are things I like about them, but I stay with Safari because of its speed. So keep the speed, but just give me a few better add-on options so that Safari can fit better within a Web 2.0 framework. 

6. iDVD: I would like for Apple to provide more customization features in iDVD. If you want Apple's DVD Pro program you have to get the very expensive Final Cut Pro editing program. Well stepping up to FCP is not like updating from iPhoto to Aperture 2.0. Not only is FCP a huge learning curve from say iMovie, but it's a huge price difference. So we avid and professional iMovie and Final Cut Express users shouldn't have to suffer the lack of an Apple based DVD authoring program. iDVD is wonderful, but it needs to be opened up for increased customization. 

7. iWeb and MobileMe: What can I say. iWeb and MobileMe are great also, but for $99 a year, I want to be able to edit my iWeb sites on the browser side and not just the client side. Also, I wish for the ability to add background music to MobileMe galleries. In fact, I would like to be able to customize the galleries more to my liking. Maybe I'm talking more about pro or a true business version of iWeb and Mobile. But maybe in this area that's a little too much to ask of Apple given the past problems with MobileMe.  

8. And, finally, the area of hardware. I've already written about my wish for an Apple netbook. I didn't call it that in the article but I've seen many other articles since then calling for the same thing. Despite Jobs declaring that ""We don't know how to build a sub-$500 computer that is not a piece of junk," I think where there's a will, there's a way. I know several people who love to purchase an Apple notebook, but they turn to a Dell or a Toshiba simply because of the cheaper price. 

Well, that's it for my wish list. Now that Apple has gotten a lot done with the iPhone, I'm expecting some major upgrades in software line up coming this January. I'm also hoping to be surprised by a few software gems that I didn't see coming. 

What is on your wishlist?


  • It is not going to happen.
    Everything you have asked for just over complicates the simple user friendly products Apple produce.  If they go the way you want then they become unusable for the home user.  If you professional feature then pay for the professional versions.

    Parky had this to say on Dec 06, 2008 Posts: 51
  • “Everything you have asked for just over complicates the simple user friendly products Apple produce.”

    Since when has Apple EVER been against this?  Used iTunes lately?

    Beeblebrox had this to say on Dec 07, 2008 Posts: 2220
  • When I first upgraded to iMovie 08 I thought the same thing. Using it for awhile has demonstrated to me that it is a different way of thinking about putting movies together. Simple, faster and different. The other things that are on your wish list also fall into the ‘Think Different’ mind set. Much of the rest of the world may agree with you, however Apple thinks differently so your wishes may not be granted. Thinking differently is what makes Apple’s products great.

    Flyboybob had this to say on Dec 07, 2008 Posts: 33
  • To me iTunes is no different than it has always been.

    Parky had this to say on Dec 09, 2008 Posts: 51
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