Occasionally I Remember That Microsoft Still Exists

by James R. Stoup Feb 23, 2009

At work I use Linux exclusively, at home I use Mac and this arangement suits me just fine. I've written on here before about how I've long since jettisoned whatever Window's knowledge I once had and moved on to bigger and better things. And yet, sometimes I get reminded about something that Microsoft does and it always makes me smile because my reaction is always the same. Invariably I think to myself "Microsoft, eh? They're still around?"

In fact, just recently I met someone who uses Vista. "Really?" was all I could say. I mean, you hear about these people, but you never expect to meet them. But other than that one person, I don't think I know anyone who uses Vista. Everyone I do know is either a geek like me (and runs Linux), a friend/relation of a geek (and runs OS X) or an acquaintance (running XP). Clearly Vista hasn't been the success story Microsoft was hoping for.

As for Windows 7, the only people I've ever met who even have a clue what I'm talking about are those people who serious geeks. Most people just don't care. And that was when I had my tiny little moment of revelation. At long last, Microsoft has become irrelevant to my daily life. I don't use their products at work, I don't use their products at home, and no matter what they do in the various markets they influence, their idiocy doesn't trickle down into my life. It was a very happy realization.

Now I realize that this was a long time coming, but still, it really did creep up on me. One minute Microsoft is the 800 lb gorrilla in the room, dictating the rules to everybody else and the next minute you look around and suddenly you realize that the overpowering stench of primate is gone. A couple more years and I will have completely forgotten that Microsoft even exists.


  • I did not become a Mac user until 2005 but ... this summer, I expect to be completely Windows free ... at home.  At work, I have no option but to use Windows XP

    Khürt Williams had this to say on Feb 23, 2009 Posts: 45
  • For someone who supposedly only “occasionally” remembers that Microsoft exists, you come across as someone actually quite obsessed with them.

    Beeblebrox had this to say on Feb 24, 2009 Posts: 2220
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