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  • I just listen to the radio offerings of iTunes. Lots to like here. Free!
    WetcoastBob had this to say on Nov 04, 2010 Posts: 29
    Streaming Music with Rdio.com
  • Prediction: MacBook Air is replaced by smaller laptop with 9 inch screen running expanded iOS with the horsepower to run Aperture Lite. (slightly stripped version of Aperture 3) FW 800, mini DVI and built-in SDHC reader. WiFi + G3 Targeted at the photography world.
    WetcoastBob had this to say on Oct 20, 2010 Posts: 29
    October 20th: What's Going Down
  • Re: previous comment- Firewire should read USB.
  • The hook could be a clamshell format with a screen on each half, at the 16:9 ratio where you could use it like a laptop for e-mail, watching movies or web surfing, with a keyboard on the other screen. When you want to read a book, turn the thing 90┬║ and read just like a book. I do this with my MBP when I am reading PDF manuals, only I have just the one page. Just imagine how quickly the media would use this format. I see the size at 9" x 6"and 3/4" thick closed. I have a paperback that size and it looks like the perfect dimension. Do it in aluminum like the MBPs. It would be perfect to drop into a backpack or purse, even a camera bag. There would be enough screen realestate to do preliminary photo editing in the field. There would have to be, at least, 2 firewire ports for a BU-drive and a mouse. Memory would be 256 Gig SSD. Obviously it also plays iTunes. Price point: $800 US Now if we could only include a phone which is not tethered to a cellular network........
  • The S.I. version looks really good and makes sense. Print editions can never have moving pictures. Apple could very well start an iMedia store. Link to Google News. Automatic crowdsourcing of news. Link to publishers (cutting out booksellers). iTV and who knows, to quote Frank Zappa "will cure your asthma too!" I think the tablet will be aimed at the macbook crowd and change the use of computers by the non-technical people for ever. This is where M$ will have a problem.
  • They are not going to launch this thing until it it is a competition killer. This means, device, software, apps, and content.
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    I Dream of Tablet, Part One: Display Technology
  • Maybe this is a DIY article.
    WetcoastBob had this to say on Dec 14, 2009 Posts: 29
    Editing to the Beat in iMovie '09
  • Just updated my early '07 MBP to SL. Went smoother than the late '08 iMac. Asm works on the MBP but not on the iMac. Nothing works 64 bit on the MBP but lots runs 64 on the iMac. Definite speed boost all around. Some minor irritants with airport ( needing passwords again ), can't find my "Junk" folder and it looks like I have to retrain junk recognition. Your follow-up comment was labled junk and was buried in a common mail folder along with my other folders. I am using iStat pro in my dashboard and Menu Meters in my menubar and it works fine. I am very pleased with SL
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    Early Thoughts on Snow Leopard
  • iStat working. Also Menu Meters. Yayyy! Now waiting for Cleardoc and Menushade to catch up.
    WetcoastBob had this to say on Sep 10, 2009 Posts: 29
    Early Thoughts on Snow Leopard
  • Upgraded my iMac from Tiger to SL. No real problems. Some nice changes. Havn't had time to go through all my apps yet to see if they work but what I have used seems OK and definitely snappier feeling than with Tiger. VMware's Fusion will have to be fixed as it will not open but that can wait for a rainy Sunday. Total download of SL took a few minutes more than an hour. I am, however, going to wait with installing it on my MacBook Pro (Tiger) until some of the developers get caught up.
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    Early Thoughts on Snow Leopard
  • I would like to see a netbook from Apple which is the size of a large paperback and when open has 2 screens one on each half. These screens would be touch sensitive. Then Apple puts books on iTunes in a PDF format so you can read them in portrait mode using both screens just like you would a book. When not reading a book, one screen will have a virtual keyboard and the other screen is for viewing. Dimensions approx: 9 x 5 x .75 in. (Screen ratio 16:9 for movies) While they are at it, how about a phone, camera and iPhone Apps?
    WetcoastBob had this to say on Jul 21, 2009 Posts: 29
    Is There a Place for a Netbook in the Apple Lineup?
  • It is the usual rational: lowest acquisition price!! Cheap out on the front-end and you will pay for it in the long-run.
    WetcoastBob had this to say on Feb 05, 2009 Posts: 29
    Are Macs More Expensive?
  • The OS, as it stands, has many many features that the majority of users are unaware of. Only by many hours of exploration or the reading of websites that deal with Mac OS's does one discover what they are. To the newly switched, the OS already appears to be a professional OS. Also one must look at the Return on Investment when dedicating manpower to produce the various levels of an OS. What percent of all users are Professional? Is it worth it to dedicate manpower to produce a lesser version of the top OS?
    WetcoastBob had this to say on Dec 31, 2008 Posts: 29
    Snow Leopard Plus?
  • It would be cool to adopt a clamshell format joined along the long edge with a screen on both halves. This would also allow it to be used as a book reader. This would get them in the netbook business as well as the "Kindle". Books could be bought from iTunes or even Amazon.
  • And pigs can fly.