Editing to the Beat in iMovie ‘09

by Bakari Chavanu Dec 11, 2009

This is the first of a three-part series on creating slide shows using iLife applications. During the holiday season, it's a great idea to put together pehaps a family slide show that you can run when guests visit. Or you might want to use slide show as a holiday greeting posted on your family website.

This is tutorial explains how use the beat markers feature in iMovie '09. The feature is really fun to use, but in my video I show you a technique for applying the beat markers without much frustration.

If you have any questions about using the feature, just drop them in the comment box.




  • This page just shows 2 paragraphs and a short line - then a gap - and is finished.

    Is the article actually supposed to say anything else?

    Greg Alexander had this to say on Dec 13, 2009 Posts: 228
  • Maybe this is a DIY article.

    WetcoastBob had this to say on Dec 14, 2009 Posts: 29
  • Sorry the video is currently missing. I contacted the editor and hopefully he’ll have it updated soon.

    Bakari Chavanu had this to say on Dec 14, 2009 Posts: 47
  • Thanks for letting me know. The problem is fixed now!

    Hadley Stern had this to say on Dec 14, 2009 Posts: 114
  • I used this a couple of weeks ago, it’s a great feature.

    I’d like to see iTunes use some smarts to match the beats more precisely - I noticed that on a steady beat my timing would differ from 23 to 27 frames, and I’d like to have been able to “average out” that to the correct timing (or have iTunes find the beat close to my press). Of course when you do a quick section of music it’d have to know how to handle that too… so not so easy.

    Thanks for the tutorial - sent it straight through to my mother. The timing of your markings seemed to be a bit off by my reckoning - which unfortunately lowered the quality of the final “movie” - but the tutorial to do it was nicely done.

    Greg Alexander had this to say on Dec 15, 2009 Posts: 228
  • Cool! I heard already about this application but I’ve never tried it yet. Maybe I have to now. iMovie ‘09 has regained most of the features that were lost in the ‘08 version and even has some new ones like video stabilization, green screen and animated maps. iMovie makes it easy to turn your home videos into your all-time favorite films. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll watch them over and over again. And you’ll share them with everyone. ReputationAdvocate

    chesterfoster had this to say on Aug 25, 2011 Posts: 27
  • This tutorial have helped me to make an assignment for my college.
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    Jackysoom had this to say on Nov 05, 2011 Posts: 76
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