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  • Sep 12, 2007
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  • I disagree with the last statement - the 17.5% VAT only accounts for the price being 17.5% higher - an album costing £5 ($10) in the states should only cost £5.87 with a 17.5% VAT markup, not the £10 that it does. Also, most other states in the EU have VAT of around the same amount - 19.6% in France and 19% in Germany, yet the cost of Albums is still less than that in the UK.
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    iTunes Ripping Off UK Customers?
  • And the built in spellchecker is a part of OS X. If you right-click (ctrl+click) and select spelling -> spelling, you can change the dictionary for the whole computer's spelcheck, which is useful if you are fed up of it trying to spell customise with a Z and colour without the u! I really do miss webcam/audio support in these programs. Skype or Gizmo kind of makes up for the lack of audio, but there is still no way to talk to people with a webcam (not an iSight) using anything but the official Yahoo! Client, or iChat (but that seems to have problems interfacing with people on the AIM platform with regards video).
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    Top Three Multi-Network IM Clients
  • What about Quicksilver for Power Users?
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    The Applications You Really Need