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  • @Paul Howland, You are right! How could I be so foolish? When bloggers started making up stories about Steve Job's health? That was Apple's fault. When doctors who had never examined him gave dire speculative interviews, that was also Apple's fault. And when the press wouldn't let the story die, forcing him to issue a public response on the issue of his health. . . you got it, also Apple's fault. And why is it Apple's fault? According to you its because they used their CEO for marketing purposes. Are you kidding me? So, by your logic, anyone at any company used to promote products is fair game? Tell me you don't really believe this? Tell me you have some spark of decency in you. Tell me that your world view isn't that black and white. "You reap what you sow." How about this, just tell me you aren't a moron.
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    Leave Steve Jobs Alone
  • Guys, A lot of you are missing the point. The reason I have a problem with this system is that Apple is attempting to limit what I can do with my device. I object to this because Apple can't constrain my freedom to do what I want with my own phone simply because it conflicts with their business plan. Put another way, to all of you who favor this system let me ask you this: would you favor a similar system for your Mac? Would you happily accept Apple taking complete control of what applications you can and cannot install on your Mac? If you object to that, then why do you think it is ok for them to do that to your phone? Didn't you pay for each product? Are you breaking any laws? So either you are cool with both or neither, but you can't pick one and not the other. Well, not if you don't want to look like an illogical idiot.
  • Beeb, Just because I don't want an iPhone doesn't mean that I don't want a phone that is well designed. Let me hit you with some examples. I have a fairly basic phone, yet the menu system is horrible. It is cluttered and unintuitive and makes finding some settings really difficult. The speakerphone is defective to the point of uselessness. The ability to record a voice memo takes 10 seconds and several steps effectively negating the point of having a quick and easy way to record voice memos. The list goes on. I don't want a phone that plays movies, but I do want a phone that isn't filled with unnecessary clutter. I really don't think that is such an extraordinary request.
  • @Kirkrr First, don't stray off topic. I'm not talking about desktop computers. Nor am I talking about cell phones, MP3 players or displays. I am talking about laptops. Second, when I compared the Dell to the Apple, they both have the same screen. Same size, same resolution, same everything. Say it with me now: IT. IS. THE. SAME. SCREEN. Third, what makes me so mad isn't that the computers are so expensive. I recognize that high quality items cost more. What galls me is that Apple's competitors are producing similar laptops, using the exact same components and are doing it for a 1/3rd the price of Apple's machines. I realize Apple makes better hardware, but I refuse to believe that making it out of metal, having it be 2 lbs lighter and 1 inch thinner increase the price by $1,300. Sorry, I call BS on that. What you are actually seeing is Apple's 30%+ profit margins on those machines. If Dell can make money on a $700 machine I'm having a hard time believing that Apple is barely scrapping by with their $2,000 laptops. But that just me.
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    Apple's Pricing Scheme Is Starting To Bother Me
  • zato3, It was all down hill once I started using Vista.
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    Enterprising Apple
  • BrianMcTavish, I don't think you really read what I wrote. Or if you did read it, maybe you didn't understand it. I'm not arguing about the iPhone's success (or lack there of) in an Enterprise environment. My point was that I think it is unfair of Apple to create a phone that is perfect for Enterprise but not a computer that is likewise suited for it. But thanks for the offer to back up your comments with a friendly wager. How about we bet on whether next time you actually read my article before you comment on it?
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    Enterprising Apple
  • I see what everyone is saying about quality, but I think some of you may be missing my point. Think about it this way. You buy a BMW whose top speed is 150 mph. Then, the next year BMW releases an update to that car which has a top speed of 180 mph. In fact, it accelerates faster, corners better and when driven to its limits performs better in every way. Would you trade in your car for the upgrade? Well, if you are a speed freak then the answer is probably "yes". But if you just drive it around town and never go over 60 mph, why bother spending the money? If it goes at mach 5, who cares? You will never need that much speed. The same argument applies here. Is it worth it to your average consumer to upgrade their system when, in all likelihood, they won't notice any difference in the speed in which they can surf the web. If it takes Word 9 seconds to open instead of 11, was it worth the money? Maybe to you it is worth it, but I don't think that everyone will feel that way.
  • @damashi, Wow. . . uh. . . yeah. I've got to say, you've left me speechless on this one pal. At first I assumed you were joking, then I the horror of it all suddenly hit me. I think you really are serious. Good luck with that.
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    Zune Marketplace's Absurd Pricing Scheme
  • @hitchhiker, I realize, as the author, my opinion is somewhat biased, but I'm going to have to agree with Beeb on this one. In your first comment you complain that this "story" doesn't "say anything". Ok, that is your opinion and I thank you for it. However, when Beeb points out (fairly reasonably too) that if you were expecting a news "story" then you came to the wrong place, you get offended. You next complain about the quality control, which is also a valid complaint. Ok, you don't like the quality of my writing, I'm very sorry. But when Beeb asks just what is wrong with this piece, you now claim your problem is with the "sloppy writing". After that the debate kind of falls apart as such. However you never really said what you had a problem with. In case you didn't see, my article does have a point. Now, you can argue that you don't agree with my point, that the point isn't relevant or that it was written in a poor manner, but you can't complain that this was a fluff piece about daisies and rainbows. If you have a valid complaint I'm willing to listen, but so far all you've managed to do is make Beeb sound like the voice of reason. I'm just saying. . .
  • I'm not saying that they should be as critical of Blackberries et al, rather that they should use humor instead of drama.
  • Beeblebrox, Do we actually agree on this topic?
  • I think many of you might be missing my point. I'm not trying to argue that Apple is doing anything illegal. And I'm not trying to argue that Apple didn't have every right to do what they did. My point is that what they did was stupid from a PR perspective, regardless of whether or not it was legal.
  • @starman4 I'm not upset at Target at all. Its not their fault that two of these fans are junk. What makes me mad is this insane return policy. First they blame Target (because of course its not their fault), then they as me to cut up my fan and mail it to them (at my expense) and I'm suppose to wait for a new fan to arrive "sometime in the future." Oh, and be sure to get a tracking number (as she mentioned) because if the cord is lost in the mail then I'm SOL. Is this their idea of good customer service? Really? I don't think so.
  • @tayg10 Thank you for your amazingly intelligent and articulate comment. I now realize the error of my ways, and its all thanks to you. If you have anymore thoughts I'm sure we would all love to hear them. As always, thanks for the comment. Oh, and good luck with life. It is always inspiring when I see people with mental disabilities trying to make it on their own. You are my hero. Thanks again for the comment.
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    Zune Marketplace's Absurd Pricing Scheme
  • ibvanmat et al, After reading all these comments I must say I am somewhat confused. Everyone agrees with at least some of what I have to say, and yet apparently I still don't "get it". So, we agree that Cover Flow isn't useful for searching large numbers of files, we agree that it isn't useful at all for certain types of files, we agree that it will be amazingly slow (and regardless of how fast computers get in a year you still won't be able to load the entire harddrive into memory) and we agree we agree that it isn't the solution to the problem that is the Finder. And in spite of all that I'm still told that I "obviously missed the point, again." Wow, imagine how pissed you guys would be if you actually disagreed with me.
    James R. Stoup had this to say on Jun 25, 2007 Posts: 122
    Cover Flow is Pretty, but Fairly Useless